Spain: Irish Woman Asks 4 Migrants How They are Doing, Gets Gang-Raped

I’m sure she had no idea of the potential for this outcome and wasn’t asking for it at all.

Madrid Metropolitan:

The Spanish police have arrested four migrants who had recently arrived on the Spanish island from the Maghreb for allegedly gang-raping an Irish woman in a municipal park.

The four men were arrested by the authorities on the island of Gran Canaria in the Spanish autonomous community of Canary Islands on Monday 1st March.

The suspects, aged between 18 and 36, were arrested for accusations of raping a woman of Irish origin aged 36 in the Agua La Perra park in the town of Mogan on Friday 26th February.

The victim had reportedly moved to the  island years ago and lived there with her family.

Local media said the alleged rapists were migrants from the Maghreb,  who recently arrived at the Spanish islands on small boats before they were given government-provided accommodation managed by the Red Cross.

However, the group was kicked out for breaking the rules before setting up a make-shift camp in the park where the woman was allegedly attacked.

The victim, who has not been named, reported the sexual assault to the local police on Sunday 28th February.

She claimed the act happened two days before while she was passing through the park when she was approached and assaulted by the suspects.

The victim was examined by a doctor at a clinic who compiled a report detailing the injuries the woman suffered during her alleged rape.

Actually, it appears that she was the one who approached the group.

According to El Periodico, she was walking in the park and she started a conversation with the migrants “to know what their situation was.”

El Instituto Armado abrió una investigación después de recibir la denuncia realizada por la mujer, una ciudadana de origen irlandés pero que reside desde hace años en el sur de la Isla junto a su familia. Esta aseguró que mientras paseaba por la zona del parque del barranco de Agua La Perra entabló una conversación con un pequeño grupo de jóvenes de origen magrebí para conocer cual era su situación. Fue entonces cuando se produjo la violación grupal, según indicaron fuentes cercanas a la investigación.

It turned out that their situation was “about to rape a stupid woman.”