Spanish Hospital Diagnoses Woman as Homosexual, LGBTQ Group Demands Apology

“Current disease: homosexual.”

Homosexuality isn’t a disease, it’s a gift.

New York Post:

A Spanish woman visited a doctor over an irregular menstrual cycle and was diagnosed as “homosexual,” sparking outrage from LGBTQ advocates.

The 19-year-old woman visited Reina Sofia hospital in Murcia on Monday for a gynecological exam after dealing with polymenorrhea, a condition where menstrual cycles are shorter than 21 days, the Spanish-language news site reported.

She told health care workers that she was gay during her processing thinking it could be relevant at the time, she told the publication – but when she was given the report it listed her illness as “homosexual.”

“I laughed it off at first, but that’s the way it is,” the woman said, according to the publication.

The “diagnosis” drew scorn from the pro-LGBTQ Colectivo Galayctyco, which sent letters to the Ministry of Health about the phobic tone of the medical report. The group is demanding a probe and an apology to the patient.

Oh, the homosexuals are demanding a probe?

Didn’t see that one coming.

Anyway, this is definitely something different than what is being presented here. Either it was a clerical error, simply, or they believed she was taking hormone shots. Maybe she told them she was taking hormone shots? Those will definitely screw up your menstruation, just as they will screw up virtually everything else about your body.

The problem definitely wasn’t this:

By the way – just so you understand – there is no such thing as that. That kind of fantasy lesbianism is akin to Sargon of Akkad asking you if you’d rather live next to a white crackhead or Thomas Sowell. Except that Thomas Sowell actually exists, and is not an actor.

There is such a thing as this:

And I’ll tell you: the one on the left there? Probably got some menstrual issues.

And frankly, the one on the right could also. Even if a homosexual is not taking injections, they could have problems with their hormones. Granted, there are women who become “lesbians” because of a bad sexual relationship with their stepfather or whatever. But on balance, homosexuals have hormone issues.

If these people want medical treatment from normal doctors, then they need to understand that to a normal person, they are freaks.