Spanish Serial Kisser to Face Trial, Possible Jail Time Over Doomed Peck at Women’s World Cup

What the hell is even going on?

They already completely destroyed the poor bastard’s life, now they want to put him in prison – all for kissing a girl?

When you watch the original video, you can tell she enjoyed it and thought it was just a cute, funny gesture. She also probably wanted to have sex with Luis immediately, in that moment, based on body language.

Now, we’re told, all of the response we saw from her was the result of internalized oppression, that women are so oppressed that they feel like they need to laugh and smile and look like they want to have sex with you, even when they are actually being abused.

But even if you are so insane as to believe all of that – can’t the guy just say “oh, sorry about that – I must have misread the room”?

Assuming the very worst is true: that this was a complete rape-kiss – how is it possible that anything more than an “I’m sorry, madam” is needed???

This is insane!

New York Post:

Former Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales will face trial for kissing forward Jenni Hermoso without her consent at the Women’s World Cup, an investigative judge said on Thursday.

Judge Francisco de Jorge ruled that his probe points to Rubiales’ kiss “being unconsented and carried out unilaterally and in a surprising fashion,” the court said.

State prosecutors have accused Rubiales of sexual assault and for allegedly coercing Hermoso to publicly support him in the public backlash against him.

Sexual assault!

Despite initially claiming he was the victim of a campaign led by “false feminists,” Rubiales eventually resigned from his post for his behavior during the World Cup awards ceremony in Sydney in August.

He has denied any wrongdoing.

Based on a sexual consent law passed in 2022, Rubiales could face a fine or a prison sentence of one to four years if found guilty, according to the prosecutors’ office in Madrid.

The new law eliminated the difference between “sexual harassment” and “sexual assault,” sanctioning any unconsented sexual act.

This is worse than anything ever imagined by science fiction writers.

It is much more bizarre, and much sicker.

Normal people, of course, like to play Palword, where you can kidnap Pokemon and enslave them and then force-breed them for food.

Normal people do not think a celebratory kiss is rape.

All of this stuff is being driven by total lunatics on social media, feminists and other perverts, who are trying to create a hell on earth because they are angry at their fathers.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.