Pennsylvania: Man Decapitates Father, Declares Himself Leader of the Militias, Calls for Violent Uprising, Gets Arrested

Wew lads.

Justin Mohn, a 32-year-old Pennsylvania man, decapitated his 68-year-old father, who he believed to be a federal agent, and declared himself leader of the American revolution.

In a video manifesto, filmed at his Levittown home and released on YouTube, he ordered his followers, of whom he has many, to start killing federal agents. During the video, he kept holding up his father’s head, wrapped in plastic, in a bucket.

I watched the video, and he appears to be a QAnon believer. He is very concerned about immigration, and wants to end child sex trafficking. Shockingly, or perhaps not, he claimed his goal is to restore “Judeo-Christian” values.

Just to be clear: he is not a neo-Nazi or a racist, according to his video manifesto, and he only wants to kill federal agents in order to save the economy and stop immigration. He called for “Americans of all races and religions to come together against the traitorous federal government.”

You can watch the video here. (Note that it has mild gore, in the form of a severed head wrapped in plastic repeatedly held up to punctuate his statements.)

He told his alleged followers to spare the military, and called for the military to serve him. He also claims to have $10,000,000 to pay in bounties to kill federal agents.

He further explained that he was authorizing the police and military, under his leadership, to crack down on LGBT, BLM, and Antifa.

The video is 15 minutes long, and it is very repetitive.

He explained that the way he knows that there is no political solution is that he worked at Microsoft and saw that they don’t pay enough taxes. They don’t pay enough taxes, so normal people have to pay for the military.

He also said that unemployment creates homelessness, which creates crime, to fill prisons, so that prisons, lawyers, and courts can make money, and these people are all woke leftists.

His one “racist” statement was that there is an agenda to disenfranchise white men, but went on to immediately say that nonwhites who don’t “toe the line of their social agenda” are also disenfranchised, adding: “So don’t think this has anything to do with race. This is an ideological and spiritual war.”

Immediately after saying that, he made this face:

He did go on a jag about God fighting Satan.

He also claims to have been endorsed by John Hickenlooper and John Kasich, and that he is widely considered the best candidate for president. He said that if it was not for meddling by the FBI, federal courts, and his family, he “could have been the first president unanimously elected by both parties since George Washington.”

He appeared to be on Adderall.

He claims to have been trying to sue Microsoft for tax evasion.

He said that the reason people are meddling with him is that many believe he is the messiah.

He further explained that “this belief that I am the messiah is why you’ve never heard this story on the news – because it would further spread that belief.”

Then he made this face:

However, he clarified that he is not saying he is the messiah, and he would “never compare [himself] to Jesus Christ.” It is simply that so many people believe he is the messiah, that he was betrayed. (Apparently, the FBI and his family believe he may be the messiah.)

Despite claims that he is not claiming to be the messiah, he published a book called “The Second Messiah: King of Earth,” in which he claimed to be the messiah.

He quoted several Bible verses, and I got the impression that he does think he is the messiah.

According to local news site Levitttownnow, Mohn was arrested after 9pm ET on Tuesday in Fort Indiana Gap, Pennsylvania, two hours’ drive from his home, which he fled after posting the video.

Chief Joe Bartorilla of Middletown Police Department arrived at the Mohn home on Tuesday at 7pm to find the headless father in the bathroom.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, there is no evidence of his father being a federal employee. He owned a cleaning company and a literacy initiative.

You’ll Have That

There is not really any political meaning to this event, though I certainly suspect the media will try to make it out that way. America is a nuthouse, and you have many people like this running around.

This individual just as easily could have gotten into leftist politics, and used that as an explanation as to why he decided to kill his father and declare himself leader of the American militia system.

This country has a lot of problems, and the political problems mentioned by Mohn in the video are really just superficial surface level issues. The real issues are the deep social problems created by the destruction of the traditional social order.

Clearly, this individual would be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. However, I’m not entirely sure that this condition is biological, in the way that the medical authorities frame it. In my view, anyone can be driven over the edge by this society, and end up going insane. Probably, a lot more people would be doing this if America did not have a massive drug problem, which blunts insanity. (That is to say, a lot of people who would be prone to going insane become fentanyl addicts instead.)

While watching the video, I could not help but note: living in a house with white walls, white plastic doors, and although not visible in the video, no doubt beige carpet as well, could drive anyone to the point where they start believing they are the messiah and murdering their family members.

He was also a weed smoker, and published a book of poems he wrote while stoned.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, Mohn was trying to start a ska band.

Although this information has been pulled off of social media, I’ve yet to see a clear timeline.

Was he singing ska music at the same time as he was claiming to be the messiah? Or did the failure of his ska band lead him to believe that he was the messiah?

What Will the Media Do??

I wonder if the media is going to play this up as part of “the rising threat of Christianity,” or if they’ll mostly leave it alone?

In general, both sides love it when someone they can identify as their political enemy goes insane and commits some lunatic action. If you look into it, all of these people are motivated by personal derangement, rather than politics. But that doesn’t prevent the right-wing from grandstanding on corpses when a mass shooter turns out to be a tranny, and it probably won’t prevent the left-wing from going buckwild promoting this psychotic patricidal pothead as “A Symbol of Trump’s America.”

The only political angle I see here relates to the kind of society we have allowed to manifest in this country, where people who might have been prone to having mental problems get pushed over the edge. Also, I think it is true that modern high-potency marijuana can induce schizophrenia, and this is something that no one wants to talk about. Before becoming a Covid/vax skeptic, Alex Berenson wrote a book entitled “Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.”

Ultimately, the deal is: there are almost 400,000,000 people in America. Of course, some portion of these people are going to be insane. That’s just statistics.