Spineless Fatboy Elon Visits Auschwitz with Ben Shapiro

I saw this headline and thought it was a joke.

Surely, this is a meme someone would make about how weak and effete Elon Musk is. People joke about how he bows down to the Jews. They joke about how he begs Ben Shapiro to allow him to continue existing. They would make a joke like “Elon just showed up at Auschwitz with Rabbi Shapiro.”

But, no. This is not a joke.

This happened in real life.


Elon Musk, who has been accused of allowing antisemitic messages on his social media platform, X, visited the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp on Monday.

Musk’s visit at the most notorious site of the horrors of the Holocaust came before a scheduled appearance later Monday at a conference on antisemitism organized by the European Jewish Association in the nearby Polish city of Krakow.

The billionaire has faced accusations from the Anti-Defamation League, a prominent Jewish civil rights organization, and others of tolerating antisemitic messages on the platform, formerly known as Twitter, since purchasing it in 2022.

He sparked an outcry in November, including from the White House, when he responded on X to a user who accused Jews of hating white people and professing indifference to antisemitism by posting, “You have said the actual truth.” He later apologized for the comment, calling it the “dumbest” post that he’s ever done.

This is truly incredible.

He actually wore a yarmulke.

What Musk proved with the “Jews are trying to destroy white people” post is that he is well aware of the nature of the situation. He also proved that he has some desire to stand up against the Jews.

However, he is a spineless coward and a fatbody who doesn’t have the strength of will to fight against powerful people who are making threats against him.

The entire Twitter project is now totally worthless. His entire plan was to make it “free speech” in line with the First Amendment, and now it arguably has less free speech than it did when he bought it. Yet, because he made all of these statements against the Jews, he won’t ever get back the advertisers he’s lost.

He’s pissed off everyone on the earth.

Frankly, with the slaughter thing happening in Palestine, he had the opportunity to unite left and right under the banner of free speech, and against these meddling Jews.

But he’s too cowardly.

What is the point?

What is the worst thing the Jews can do to him? Kill him, right?

Wouldn’t you rather die fighting for what’s true and just than live a bit longer and die and be remembered as a ratty, fatty coward who refused to fight for anything?

What is the point of cowardice? How does it benefit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?


What is actually the purpose of forcing people to go to Auschwitz, other than personally humiliating them by making them look like a child?

Are people supposed to say “oh wow, I didn’t realize how bad the Holocaust really was! Masturbation machines??? An eagle and a bear??? The Wall of Eyes??? I guess you guys really should control the whole internet and decide what people are allowed to say!”

That is what the situation is: the Jews are claiming, through the ADL, that they have a right to decide what everyone in America is allowed to say. And if you ask them where they got this right, they will literally say “we picked it up at Auschwitz.”

Who does this make sense to? Who supports it other than the Jews and people who just mindlessly believe everything the Jews say?

Apparently no one actually believes it, because no one will defend it. Ben Shapiro goes around saying “facts don’t care about your feelings,” but he refuses to debate anyone who suggests that Jews don’t have a right to rule America and remain totally unquestioned.

I’ve said it six million times: if Jews are going to rule over us, we have to have an ability to examine and discuss how they are using all of this power they have over us.

Claiming that you’re not allowed to discuss the fact that the people in power are in power is totally insane, and is a situation that has not ever happened in history before.

Imagine if you had a king, but you weren’t allowed to say he was the king. If you said he was the king, he would use his powers as king to destroy your life.

It doesn’t even make sense.