Steven Crowder is Going to War with Jew Controllers of Con Inc.

Steven Crowder has declared war on the Jews that control conservative media, and it’s awesome.

Crowder recently left The Blaze, and is currently a free agent. In a video posted Wednesday, Crowder went through a $50 million contract he was offered by the Daily Wire, explaining they are running a racket to control the narrative of conservatism.

The Daily Wire has responded to his complaints with company man fast talk, but no one is buying that pile of shoes.

In response to complaints about his dirty business practices, Ben Shapiro began whining about piles of shoes in the Holocaust. Specifically, he said “my shoe pile, goyim” and then began hissing.

Crowder says “Con Inc.” – which is just a euphemism for “the Jews,” whether he knows that or not – entrap people with bad contracts, and that he knows people who are locked into these contracts and getting screwed. He also notes that they are working directly with Jews in big tech, and lying about what is going on at the behest of those Jews.

Here is his full video on the topic, in which he goes over a contract that was given to him by the Daily Wire.

Most notably, he alleges that all of these people running these big conservative sites are scam artists and do not actually believe in any of the ideas they promote.

Notably, this comes after Candace Owens got in a scuffle with the Daily Wire Jews she is contracted to.

Crowder basically describes the contracts and the way these Jews operate very similar to the way Ye describes the entertainment industry Jews as operating. The contract Crowder goes through basically says that Ben Shapiro will control his entire life for $12 million a year, much of which Crowder will have to spend on the production of his show.

This is just what the Jews do – they use nepotism to take over industries and then they dominate the industries through money and dirty dealings. Crowder was shocked by the contracts because he’s not Jewish. Non-Jews can’t process the way Jews do business, which is why they virtually always beat us at business.

To be clear: Crowder doesn’t say “Jews.” But come on.

  • The Daily Wire, which is the fake conservative outlet, money swindle, and controlled opposition behemoth he addresses at length, is run by the Jew Ben Shapiro.
  • Breitbart is run by the Jew Joel Pollock.
  • Rebel Media is run by the Jew Ezra Levant.
  • PragerU is run by the Jew Dennis Prager.

If you go look at the smaller ones, they’re virtually all run by Jews as well. PJ Media, Crowder’s first place of business, is run by the Jews Aubrey Chernick and Roger Simon.

I do not believe that these Jews believe in “conservatism.” What they do is go into conservative media to make money and to push the Jew agenda. All of these outlets constantly shill Israel, and claim that Israel’s interests overlap 100% with those of America. They are also shilling the Jew agenda in the Ukraine, and shilled that Jew “vaccine.” They talk about trannies or abortion or guns or whatever – important but relatively innocuous talking points – to suck people in, then they start telling you about their Jew issues.

I’m sure Steven Crowder supports Israel and Jews. I recently saw him attacking Ye. But these Jews can’t help but just rip everyone off. If they just pushed their agenda, they could get away with it. Now, this is looking like it’s about to blow up.

Crowder is the biggest conservative still allowed on YouTube. He’s actually bigger than Ben Shapiro.

Crowder says that they are entrapping people in these contracts for the purpose of controlling what they say. You see this with Candace Owens being restricted from supporting Ye. You see the way Matt Walsh goes out there and shills. Jordan Peterson signed up with the Daily Wire and immediately went on a trip to Israel to say it’s the greatest country in the world.

After Crowder posted his video, the Daily Wire posted a response. Shapiro knows he is just too unlikeable for this, and will always come across as an absolute weasel, so he sent his (allegedly non-Jewish) co-conspirator Jeremy Boreing to talk slowly to the goyim.

He reads through the contract and says it’s all very reasonable and normal.

On some level, he is correct that this is normal business practice, but it is very gross, because normal business practice is controlled by the Jews. “I’m tryin’ ta run a bidness here, goy! It’s da free market!”

Honestly, I don’t really understand why someone like Crowder would need to do these kinds of contracts at all. He was working for The Blaze until last year, and he was looking for a contract. It doesn’t make sense to me why he can’t just run his own subscription service and sell his own ads and t-shirts or whatever.

Crowder is going after the contract and the way these Jews sign people up and control them, but he clearly has other insider information about the way they do things – and we can all see the way they shill and betray the “values” they’re supposed to represent.

I sure hope this escalates. Crowder is dumb for sure, but he seems like a genuine person. At least, he is genuinely mad.

A Personal Note

Watching that Jeremy Boreing clip made me sick. They’ve got $50 million to throw around. They started two years after I started this website.

I don’t talk about it much, but I had a plan to build a media empire myself. Instead, my life was totally destroyed and I was censored and banned from making money or operating a normal website. I tried to hire people and so on, but it was just impossible to operate under the circumstances, so I resigned myself to doing what I do now until there is some kind of revolution.

In a free country, Crowder would be working for Daily Stormer. I’d give him a good contract. I’m serious. If Daily Stormer hadn’t been smothered in the cradle in 2017, I would be the one setting the narrative, and conservatives would be talking about the Jews instead of “socialism” and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It just makes me sick that the Daily Wire – which is objectively garbage, run by people who in a free society wouldn’t be fit to shine my shoes – has 250 employees and is dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars. If there was an actual open market, I would be winning. But America is a Jewish concentration camp for goyim and no one interesting is allowed to do anything.