Stormer-Endorsed Senate Candidate Mark Kelly Admits to Contracting Assassination of Shinzo Abe

“Nip gets clipped”: Stormer-endorsed Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly has revealed he ordered the assassination of Shinzo Abe.

Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Kelly has admitted to me in text messages that he contracted the assassination of Shinzo Abe in order to send a message to Jeffrey Epstein-linked pedophile and live-streamer Paul Town.

Kelly has been officially endorsed by the Daily Stormer. However, we denounce the assassination of the former Prime Minister of Japan.

Japan, an entire nation of pedophiles, is strongly endorsed by Paul Town.

Kelly developed a network of connections during his time at NASA which he claims he is using to fight a covert war against the Jews. He has given me conflicting information on the topic, including claiming that the Earth is flat and that there is a secret Nazi base on the Moon.

To be clear, I am reporting this news with Kelly’s permission.

Kelly believes that the recent revelations that his opponent, Blake Masters, is being secretly supported by Jewish lunatic Jonathan Chait will tank his numbers, and that assassinating the former PM of an allied country can’t hurt him in the race.

Chait, who has been working to cover up Masters’ connections to Paul Town, recently admitted to being a ravenous lunatic, while falsely claiming he didn’t support the Iraq War.

Paul Town has gone to ground after successfully securing $5 million in unmarked bills from Matt Gaetz’ father. His only recent stream was mourning the death of Abe.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, drone footage was posted online of Paul Town emerging from Comet Ping Pong with former NATO supreme commander Wesley Clark and climbing into a black SUV with heavily-tinted windows. The SUV arrived at a private helicopter landing pad in Maryland where the two boarded, believed to be headed for Poland.

Clark was forced to respond, claiming he is working with Paul Town on a crypto-currency project to alleviate poverty in The Gambia.

Paul Town has long excused his connections to high-ranking officials in the deep state by claiming he is a crypto developer trying to help the people of Africa. However, there is no evidence of Paul Town ever working on a successful crypto project in Africa.

Following the emergence of information linking Paul Town to Jonathan Chait, Democrat astroturf accounts have begun referring to Paul Town as a “philanthropist.”

Salesforce CEO Brett Taylor is also defending Paul Town, claiming concern for the people of Africa.

Things are getting very hot in the Arizona race, with Blake Masters’ connections to Paul Town and Jonathan Chait becoming key focuses. I suspect that the media will not even bother to report on the fact that Stormer-endorsed candidate Mark Kelly was behind the assassination of the former Japanese Prime Minister, as this would expose the fact that they’ve allowed Kelly to build a powerful global network of Aryan Warriors right under their noses.

Remember to move to Arizona so you can vote for psychopathic skinhead leader Mark Kelly, who is the one candidate who actually stands a chance to exterminate the Jews once and for all.