Stormer Victory Imminent as Jones Blocks People from Using the Word “Wife” in Comments

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2014

What ever scraps of sanity existed in the rattled brain of Alex Jones are quickly slipping away as he prepares to surrender his base.
Whatever scraps of sanity remained in the rattled brain of Alex Jones are quickly slipping away as he prepares to surrender total control of his base to Stormer Trolls.

In a shocking and pathetic move, the shockingly pathetic Zionist radio host Alex Jones has banned the use of the word “wife” from his comments section.

If you make a post on infowars with the word "wife" in it...
If you make a post on infowars with the word “wife” in it… is held for moderation...
…it is held for moderation…
...but if you change "wife" to "waffle," it goes right on through.
…but if you change “wife” to “waffle,” it goes right on through.

By putting the comment in moderation, rather than rejecting it outright, Alex Jones maintains what he calls “plausible deniability.”  But anyone can see what is happening – it is a mass censorship program because he refuses to address the connection between his Jewish wife, Jewish sponsors,  Jewish celebrity friends, Jewish radio affiliates, etc, and his undying support for the State of Israel and the Jewish holocaust lies (or any of the other crap he supports against the truth).

This sorry attempt at blanket moderation is a pitifully horrible tactical move which almost makes me feel sorry for the obese comb-over king with the Jewish wife. Then I remember that he Jewed us and Jewed us again, and my guilt disappears.

Apparently, Jones was too busy reading “The 12 Secret Bloodlines of the Illuminati” and stacks of secret government documents about fluoride and chemtrails to check out Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” He could not have picked a worse strategy, as all this will do is embolden the Stormer Troll Army.  He has no actual power to stop us from commenting, save by closing down the comments section.  Limiting our vocabulary only spurs our creativity, and pushes us to try to get more words banned.

This morning, for instance, I, in real time, got the word “nagger” banned.

This post containing the word "naggers" was allowed.
This post containing the word “nagger” was allowed.
(Lee Ann McAdoo is a large-breasted race-mixing employee of Alex Jones)
Five minutes later, this post containing the word "nagger" was blocked.
Five minutes later, this post containing the word “nagger” was blocked (I apologize for the vulgarity here, but it seemed appropriate).
I replaced "nagger" with "black" and the post went through.
I replaced “nagger” with “black” and the post went through.

I am sure the Troll Army is going to have a blast seeing what words they are able to get the Alex Jones censor to block.  It may be that we will shut down the comments section over a slow process, as every noun in the dictionary is progressively banned.

Failure Heaped Upon Failure

This horrible strategic blunder follows the equally horrible strategic blunder of spending much of his Thursday show attacking us and White people in general while defending rioting Black looters as key representatives of freedom and liberty.

During the Thursday broadcast he also threatened to have all of our wives raped by cops, which many readers found sick and weird, although it is believed that not a single Stormer found the threat intimidating in any way.

Clearly, Alex Jewns is in the midst of a total psychological breakdown, incapable of dealing with the pressure we have put on him to defend his pro-Jewish and anti-White positions and this is causing him to say increasingly more insane things – such as threatening to have people’s wives raped – as he looses control of himself and slips into debilitating psychosis.

Andrew Anglin, Being a Gentleman, Offers a 72 Hour Ceasefire Deal to Embattled Zionist Kingpin Alex Jones

I, Andrew Anglin, hereby issue the following ceasefire offer to Alex Jones:

Because I am a fair man, I am willing to offer you a 72 hour ceasefire, Mr. Jones, during which I will withdraw my troops from your comments section, on the condition that you apologize for defaming Adolf Hitler and admit that he was the good guy. You do not have to talk about Jews or the Holy Hoax, just say something like “my new research has shown that Hitler did nothing wrong and was correct in his beliefs.

After this statement is made, you will have a three day period to get some sleep, sober up, and try to plan a better strategy for defending yourself against this endless and brutal assault.

I cannot guarantee that independent trolls will not continue to attack you, but I will order my boys to stand down once the apology to Hitler is issued.

Andrew Anglin

We will go ahead and assume that Alex will not take this offer for the time being, and push forward with a new strategy of assault.

“Why is Alex Jones Trying to Provoke a Race War in America???”

The Ferguson situation is on-going. Alex Jones has sent several of his reporters there to cover the situation from the angle of “evil White cops are oppressing the innocent and peaceful black rioters.”

He has claimed that we – and/or the mysterious government agents who post without proxies on from the Pentagon – are accusing him of trying to incite riots and start a race war. I’m assuming some of the Stormers hit on this and went with it, or maybe he just made it up in his mind, but I find it hilarious.

For the time being, we should push forward with this meme.


Keep Hammering the Jew Connection

With the word “wife” blocked, we can also attempt to use other terms for Alex’s Hebrew sex partner.

Also, the word “Jew” is not yet banned, but if we can get him to ban that word, we will be in incredibly good shape. People will take notice of that on a large scale. I believe he will shut down the entire comments section before banning the word Jew, but I am uncertain. I am also uncertain if he will have a complete psychological breakdown before or after making the decision to totally shut down comments.

It is also important, at this stage, to begin to ramp up the final meme which will put the nail in Alex’s coffin: We need to press the fact that he is openly anti-White and opposed to White interests, constantly siding with Jews, Blacks or whoever else against the interests of White Americans.  The clip of his response to us clearly shows that he is fundamentally opposed to White people and believes those who are proud to be White are evil in some way, or working for the Federal government to help destroy freedom…or whatever.

"Jew Waifu" Rebecca "Violet" Nichols-Jones
“Jew Waifu” Rebecca “Violet” Nichols-Jones

He can’t resist attacking us and calling us racists for desiring a future for White children and being fed up with the behavior of the blacks.  And his largely White and Christian audience will catch on to this, especially when he is literally saying cops are oppressing a violent black mob of rioting looters and that anyone who questions this position is a “primitive racist dumbass.”

Our victory comes very soon, and glorious it will be.  You will tell your grandchildren of this victory, brothers – the “infowar,” where you banished the evil blob man back into the pit from whence he emerged.

Godspeed, kinsmen.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin