Storming Sunday Round-Up: August 24, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2014

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We’re gonna keep this short this week.  Feeling a bit low-energy this afternoon.  I would never say a thing about working every day for the last year and a half. But some days you have more energy than others, you know?

But we’ll have pictures.  Pictures you will like.

We’ve had a troubling week here at the Daily Stormer.

As you probably know, there is an alleged Mexican hacker who posts comments claiming credit for the ddos attacks.  Probably he is not really a Mexican, perhaps a Jew, or maybe an agent of Alex Jones.  My host has been good about dealing with it though, and we appear to be rolling along.

I apologize for this inconvenience.  We are doing the best we can.

The Daily Stormer is a flamethrower.
The Daily Stormer is a flamethrower.
We will liberate the Ukraine.  Again.
We will liberate the Ukraine. Again.

All this does is show that we are having an effect.  These faggots – whoever they may be – are devoting a huge portion of their personal time to this endeavor.

Can you imagine spending hours of your life, daily, for the purpose of trying to silence the speech of someone you disagree with politically?  This in itself proves that we are right, objectively.  We have tried to silence no one.  We believe in open discussion and debate.  We believe in freedom of speech and justice.  Our enemies believe in crushing any who disagrees with the positions of the government.

For Truth and Justice.
For Truth and Justice.

It is a heavy thing to even imagine the mindset of a person who literally believes in physically silencing those who disagree with the establishment and will spend time out of his personal life to do so.

But we will not be silenced.  We will not bow before the ruling system.

Ferguson is Still Going

The Ferguson situation is the best thing that has happened to White America in decades.  Finally, we are able to see these people for what they are – a bunch of wild savages who have no regard whatsoever for facts or reality.  They simply want violence and muh feelings.

ferguson protest
If you’re Black, you really do get used to free things.

I believe there is a backlash coming.  An avalanche about to come down.  Everyone is witnessing that all of the stories we’ve been told by the joys of multiculturalism are basic lies.  The idea that these people will attack cops and then attempt to shift blame to the White Man is so monumentally ridiculous it will take some time for what is actually happening to sink in.  But the damage is done.  There is no coming back from Ferguson.

And it isn’t just the Blacks who are going to get this backlash.  The Jew media and people like the Young Turks and Alex Jones who came out with this “racist cop kills innocent teenager” nonsense are going to get it to.  The reality of what is happening conflicts directly with the narrative in such a grinding manner that even the most brainwashed of our folk must recognize it.

You can't make an omelet without breaking out a few windows.
You can’t make an omelet without breaking out a few windows.

Black people are a plague.  The presumption that they will integrate into our society and begin to act normal is no longer viable.

And just like the Jews, this summer they’ve shown their true face.

international jew
Jew, Jewelry? A coincidence?


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Hail Victory.
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