Storming Sunday Round-Up: July 20, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2014

You could have stopped it.
You could have stopped it.

Well, I haven’t done one of these in a while.  It’s very hard to keep up with everything going on on this site.  It is a blessing though that I am able to do so, and I want to give a heartfelt “thank you” to all of those who have contributed financially to this endeavour.  Without you, it simply wouldn’t be possible.

So, it was a crazy week.  A viciously crazy week.  A week of serious happenings.

The Completely Collapsed State of What was Formerly Human Reality

I would like to discuss briefly the level of total weirdness enveloping the entire earth.  We appear to have lost complete control of the basic levers of reality, and are spiralling uncontrollably into a type of unreality – or, perhaps, an anti-reality.

The difference between what is real and what isn’t became irrelevant a long time ago.  With the level of quality of the false realities on television, our brains stopped being able to tell the difference.  Still though, reality continued to exist in some form, because we believed it did.  Now, however, reality has been murdered, or perhaps committed suicide, and no one knows up from down, as we plunge into the abyss while imagining we’re in a vacuum.

Let’s list off a few of the things which are happening – which we are exposed to on a daily basis – which would not be happening if reality still existed.  In no particular order.

  • Black President
  • Homosexuality (men sticking their penises in other men’s buttholes) celebrated as a form of bravery and courage
  • Women claiming they are biologically exactly the same as men
  • The Jews saying they are victims as they slaughter children
  • People believing the Jews are victims
  • Teaching 5-year-olds about buttsex with men
  • Men dressing up like women and entering women’s bathrooms, legally
  • The US funding the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by literally paying people to attack the police with firebombs, then calling it democracy without blushing or being seriously questioned
  • Everything about Malaysia Jet and Ukraine war in general
  • The US sanctioning countries which are opposed to faggot marriage
  • Tens of thousands of primitive brown people flowing across the border, with the establishment saying they will invent new robots for us
  • The Catholic church preparing to endorse faggot love
  • The complete Islamization of Europe, with Muslims openly saying they will conquer the continent, and governments arresting people for complaining about it
  • The liberal pretense that there is some evil racist enemy to fight, hidden somewhere that no one can find, governments creating policy based on this theory
  • White women producing children with blacks and being openly proud of the offspring
  • Spending more than a decade fighting a war against Muslims which was admittedly based on falsified intelligence and then making confused face when the whole thing collapses completely in a matter of weeks

…and so on.

All of these things, if seen by one of our ancestors a hundred or even fifty years ago, would appear so completely insane as to not be believed to be a part of reality.  But they are a part of reality, or maybe not, but it doesn’t matter because reality doesn’t exist anymore.

We are living in a psychedelic nightmare realm.  All it takes to see it is to take one step back, and ask yourself: What exactly is going on here?  Where is this going?  What can possibly be the end result of these situations?

But for most people, it is too much to ask that question.  And the lie that this is some form of a reality is continually reinforced by high-powered electronic devices.  So the people maintain a state in which mass psychotic delusion is comfortable.

We are living in the days of the doomed.

Ultimately, this is all going to collapse in on itself.  There is nothing else which can happen.

But will we be saved?  Or will we return to the darkness of the pre-human reality?  Because the pre-human reality was a reality, at least.  Black Africans living in the jungle have a reality, and we do not.  They functioned within the boundaries of the natural order.  And we… we no longer do.

The Jew, through his systems and his trickery, has overturned the natural order.  And it cannot help but reassert itself.  And it will do so with or without us.

These are the good guys
These are the good guys.
These are the bad guys.  Still.
These are the bad guys. Still.
Good guys.
Good guys.
Bad guys.
Bad guys.
So long and farewell.
So long and farewell.
Do you remember this?  Neither do I.  Maybe somewhere way down in my bones though, I do.
Do you remember this? Neither do I. Maybe somewhere way down in my bones though, I do.

The Führer to His Lady

old man oneold man two

Eva could have been a Mother to the World, just as Hitler could have been a Father.

Such things were possible, back in the old days, when reality still existed.

hitler flowershitler flowers 2

If you are reading this, and understanding it, then you were born for great things, White Man.


As I have said, I presently have no reason to believe Russia or associates of Russia in the Ukraine shot down Malaysia Jet.

It appears to have been an operation carried out by Western forces.

That is not definite, but it is the only thing which presently makes total sense to me.  There is simply no reason separatist forces would shoot down a passenger jet, and it doesn’t appear that the people running the separatist operation are stupid enough to have done so by accident.

Then, if it was not they, and was indeed the forces of the Western Jew establishment, we must ask: what was the purpose?

It seems that the only possible purpose would be a NATO invasion of the Ukraine.

Notable here is that while the Jews have destroyed our reality, they have also lost their own.  They are not operating on the level they once did.  We are not dealing with Kissinger-style Jews, but something much lower in form.  Something largely incapable of functioning effectively, playing instead on the power given them by their forbearers.

They do not appear to understand their limits, or even understand what they are doing.  Russia, on the other hand, appears to be rather good at understanding things.

I do not claim to know what will happen next.  I think a further escalation of military intervention is inevitable, but maybe it isn’t.

Either way, things have already gotten intensely weird, and they are about to get weirder.

We can be certain of this.

Gaza Holocaust, World Protests

The rebellion against the Jews is escalating and will continue to.  France is now no man’s land.  I don’t see any way they are going to get out of this one.  And tens of thousands on the streets of London?

I don’t even care that it is Muslims.  It means tensions are mounting.  Mounting tensions lead to a break of tensions.

And that is where we want to go:

Broken Tensions.

This is not going to end peacefully.  That stopped being an option a very, very long time ago.

All I Ever Wanted

The beauty of the Aryan woman
The beauty of the Aryan woman
and a future for White children.
and a future for White children.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin