Study: 2 in 3 People Hospitalized for Coronavirus Suffer from Obesity, Diabetes or Heart Problems

We’ve known for a long time that heart attacks are being included in the statistics of coronavirus deaths. It’s not clear that they even tell the families that the person who dies is being labeled a coronavirus death.

Daily Mail:

Americans with four conditions – obesity, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and heart failure –  account for two-thirds of all COVID-19 hospitalizations in the US, a new study estimates.

The Tufts University researchers note that many instances of these conditions are preventable, and those hospitalizations likely would have been too.

Notably, the study does not distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes among hospitalized COVID+19 patients. While type 2 diabetes typically develops later in and is thought to be predominantly driven by lifestyle factors, type 1 is an autoimmune disease with significant genetic risk factors, and is less likely to be preventable.

The study suggests up that up to two thirds of 906,849 hospitalizations for COVID-19 – or about 600,000 of them – were attributable to the four conditions, and could have been prevented if those patients had not already been in poor health.

The researchers urge doctors to not only advise their at-risk patients to get COVID-19 vaccines, but make changes to their diet and exercise habits to protect themselves from coronavirus.

The hospitals are complicit in this, and I know that for a fact from hearing from doctors. They’re just told “put coronavirus as the death cause if there is any chance the patient had it, even if they die from something else.”

Madam Birx herself said this, more than once, all the way back when this started.

Those rules haven’t changed. They are still continuing to count heart attack deaths. We know they are also counting all normal flu deaths.

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This is all just fake. There are no new deaths. They created a crisis out of something that was already happening.

It’s the same with global warming causing hurricanes and forest fires, and with racism causing black people to be poor and criminals. These were things that were already happening that they just all of a sudden said were crises.