Study: Diets High in Fructose Can Negatively Affect Immune System

Obesity and even being mildly overweight affects the immune system. So of course foods that cause you to gain weight affect the immune system.

Study Finds:

While it may be common knowledge that too much sugar can cause obesity and diabetes, what sugary diets do to the immune system is more of a mystery. Now, researchers in the United Kingdom say diets high in fructose may keep the immune system from working properly. That damage can lead to organ dysfunction, inflammation, and disease.

Fructose is a common ingredient in sugary beverages, sweets, and a wide variety of processed foods manufacturers produce. Previous studies have discovered all that added sugar has a connection to eaters developing type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and other metabolic conditions. While they may be harmful, researchers also find people around the world are consuming more and more of these products every year.

The results find fructose consumption inflames the human immune system. When that happens, the body produces more reactive molecules that cause inflammation which can damage cells and tissues.

All of this damage can cause the organs and other systems to stop working correctly; opening up the body to disease. Study authors add that this may explain how high fructose consumption causes obesity, as past reports find excess weight has ties to low levels of inflammation as well.

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