Supreme Court Extends Block on Texas Law Enabling Cops to Arrest Invaders

I guess this is probably a “Constitutional” ruling, because only the federal government has a right to enforce immigration law.

But does anyone give a shit about the Constitution? I sure don’t. It doesn’t protect speech, it doesn’t protect gun rights, it doesn’t protect privacy. Who cares about the Constitution? It’s not helping us at all.

If Abbott was not a crippled faggot, he would tell the Supreme Court, like Andrew Jackson did, to enforce the ruling themselves.

But Abbott spent years simply ignoring the invasion completely, then when he finally started “doing something,” none of it actually did anything. Everyone was able to either crawl under or walk around that stupid barbed wire stunt.

Texas needs a leader who is willing to take a stand against the feds.

To take a stand, you need working legs.

New York Post:

The Supreme Court extended an order stopping Texas from allowing state authorities to arrest migrants believed to have illegally crossed into the US.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito extended the pause on Texas’ SB4 law indefinitely while the court evaluates it and ultimately decides if it can go into effect or not.

Alito’s order said it is “extended pending further order” by the court.

The law was first blocked by a federal court, which was overturned on appeal.

The Biden administration filed an appeal on March 4, bringing the case to the Supreme Court.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill into law in December.

It authorizes local and state police to detain anyone suspected of entering the US illegally and if they are later proved to be in the country illegally they will face a choice of prison time or voluntary deportation.

Abbott knew this was a nonstarter. Unless he meant it to be a start of standing up to the feds, but in that case, he would have just signed a bill saying the Texas cops are just going to start arresting people and deporting them to Mexico – instead of “offering voluntary deportation,” which is ridiculous and stupid.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.