Susan Sarandon Removed from Film for Voicing Opposition to Slaughtering of Children

When Jews slaughter children, it’s good.

They only do it because of the Holocaust.

New York Post:

Susan Sarandon’s career has suffered another blow.

A production company recently decided they no longer want to work with the Oscar winner following her scandalous anti-Jewish rant, Page Six has exclusively learned.

“As a company, PTO Films would like to make it clear that Susan Sarandon’s views do not reflect the opinions of our organization,” David Barroso, the co-founder of the indie film production company, exclusively tells us.

“We were considering her for a short film, but due to her recent statements, we have decided to pursue other options.”

Sarandon, 77, was cast to appear in PTO Films’ short movie called “Slipping Away,” which is a thriller about a schizophrenic man that “struggles with his own psychosis and his wife’s extramarital affair.”

Listen, lady, you think hundreds of children being murdered every day for no reason is bad?

Try having Dr. Mengele change the color of your eyes.

How about that?

There’s no place in America for people who think killing tens of thousands of children per day isn’t justified by Nazi scientists changing the color of people’s eyes.

By the way, did you guys notice she was wearing a Simpsons jacket at the rally where she said “it’s bad to kill babies”?

Pretty fashionable for a 77-year-old woman.

I like it.

But it doesn’t justify her plan to throw the Jews into cages, each containing one eagle and one bear.

(To be clear, they are focusing in on a line where she said that the Jews were “finding out what it’s like to be Moslem in this country,” i.e., they are being targeted for their race/religion. But it was one line, taken out of context, that was about the fact that they are whining about being oppressed while continuing to support Israel’s murder campaign.)