Jew University Students Keep Whining That People are Mean to Them as Israel Kills Even More Babies

The Jews would do better to just act like the Israelis, and celebrate killing babies, and just start killing American babies.

Right now, the Jews could tell Joe Biden to start bombing American preschools because they have Hamas bases under them, and Joe Biden could do it.

The Jews could then go on TV and start stunting on everyone.

That would make a lot more sense than constantly claiming to be the victims.

“People hate me for no reason because I mass murder children” is the worst PR campaign EVER.

New York Post:

The University of Pennsylvania campus is a hotbed of antisemitism, with students openly chanting, “We are Hamas,” and others accused of hate-motivated crimes still allowed in class, The Post has learned.

Students Eyal Yakoby and Jordan Davis this week filed a lawsuit claiming Penn broke federal civil rights law and selectively enforces its rules to “avoid protecting Jewish students from hatred and harassment.”

Yakoby, 21, claimed to The Post there are still “professors and students” at the university who he says are “openly antisemitic.”

“It’s madness — they’re still coming to class and employed by Penn,” he said. “We had one student who was back in class last Monday while facing [criminal] charges.

“I think it’s absolutely despicable and a failure of the university.

“I’m calling for anyone who violates school policies to be held accountable just like they would anything else.”

President Liz Magill told a congressional hearing Tuesday the university has formed an antisemitism task force, but her job hangs in the balance after she refused to say at the hearing calling for genocide against Jewish people violated the school’s code of conduct.

Tara Tarawneh, a 20-year-old college junior was still attending class this week, according to sources, despite praising terror group Hamas for its “glorious Oct. 7” terror attack on Israel which left 1,200 dead and over 200 more Israelis taken hostage.

Tara Tarawneh – I’ve got an Eagle and a Bear for her cage, if you catch my drift. Oh no wait sorry, is she the Arab antisemite? Is this a shame dox photo? Sorry, I’m a bit drunk. Anyway if it is indeed the reverse thing, then… I’ll free her river to her sea, if you perceive my meaning. 

She was also arrested for allegedly stealing an Israeli flag from the front of a Campus Apartments house near the Ivy League school.

Tarawneh has since been charged with theft and receiving stolen property, according to court documents viewed by The Post.

She did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Post, while her attorney Grace Harris said she was “not interested in talking” and also declined to speak. UPenn also did not return calls or emails Friday.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

She doesn’t support killing children, okay?

That’s a valid view. I don’t know why the reverse is valid.

Leave her alone.

(I’d like to leave her alone… with my penis… if you grasp the implication.)

Tarawneh, a 2020 graduate of King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan — has been open in her views, with video of her addressing a pro-Palestinian crowd going viral.

OMG supporting Hamas???

A legal group that acts in accordance with Geneva Conventions???

How dare she???

(I’d like to dare her to do something, if you know what I mean.)

I remember feelings so empowered and happy, so confident that victory was near and so tangible,” she told a crowd about the monstrous Oct. 7 attack, as reported by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn’s independent student-run media organization.

“I want all of you to hold that feeling in your hearts. Never let go of it.”

On Friday, bioengineering student Liam Pharr, 21, said he believes terrorism has taken root at the Ivy League college after witnessing students chanting, “We are Hamas” — designated a terrorist organization by the US, EU, UK and many others — on UPenn grounds.

How about “you’re a faggot” and “go live in Israel”?

How’s that for taking a root, pussy?

Stop harassing women, you freak.

I’m not Jewish but there is absolutely antisemitism on campus,” Pharr told The Post. “A couple of weeks ago, there was a group on campus who joined hands and chanted, ‘We are Hamas.’ I was in the library and I heard it.

In fact, you are Jewish.

Leave America.

“It’s crazy the kind of s–t people can say on campus and get away with it. A terrorist organization has infiltrated a place where the next generation is getting the best education they possibly can,” he continued.

Students on campus are also getting creeped out by mysterious “outsiders” joining pro-Palestine demonstrations.

Nursing student Sam Graybill, 18, said she has also noticed a rising tide of aggression towards Jews among the student body both on campus and online and spotted older non-students at rallies on campus.

“There is a decent amount of antisemitism,” Graybill told The Post. “Some people here are super aggressive towards Jewish people. There’s a protest every few days. There is a lot of anger and aggression.

“Some people who aren’t students here will come and start protests. They’re older, not grandpa old, but they just genuinely look a lot older than most students,” she added.

It’s over, Jews.

This is a pogrom.

I support these leftists.

I especially support Tara Tarawneh. I’d like to bulldoze her fence, if you perceive the implication.

But seriously, I should stop making these jokes. These rat kikes are putting her picture up everywhere.

But… I’m not going to stop making these jokes.

I’d like to joke around with Tara Tarawneh, if you understand the drift.

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