Sweden: Dozens of Female Cops Leaked Info to Gangs, Had Sex with Gangsters

This is Petra Lundh, the chief of police in Sweden. Not only is she a woman, but she’s never even been a cop.

If you hire a bunch of goofy sluts to run your police, you really can’t be too surprised when the obvious happens.

What do people think?

You’re going to put a bunch of women on the police force, and expect that they won’t have sex with Arabian gang members? How does that make any sense, on any level?

Who would think that? 

European Conservative:

Some 30 police officers in Sweden provoked public outrage in yet another major scandal involving gang activity. It appears that law enforcement officials allowed themselves to be seduced and exploited by gangsters to whom they gave information that later led to several deadly altercations on the streets.

The shocking details were first revealed in an extensive investigation published by the local daily Dagens Nyheter (DN), which found over 500 instances of Swedish police personnel leaking classified information. Gang members were briefed regarding ongoing investigations, upcoming raids, or competing gangs.


Women protect men they are sexually fixated on.

The men that women are most likely to be sexually fixated on are criminals.

DN’s report also found evidence that leaks concerning information on rival criminals assisted in several attacks on enemy gang members, including at least four murders.

The report—based on conversations with some 50 sources in the law enforcement community and the criminal underworld, backed by hundreds of public documents—also revealed that, in many cases, the gang members used quite unconventional methods to obtain the information, such as starting “sexual relationships with strategically selected [female] police officers.”

One example is “Elin,” who met her gangster boyfriend through a dating app when she was still a cadet. Regularly, she chose to feed him classified information she obtained through illegal searches over the course of four years until she was caught.

There are many similar cases to Elin’s, with some initiated by officers even much more experienced than her. One officer leaked info to “one of Sweden’s most notorious criminals,” apparently because of his notoriety, while separately a police investigator who fell in love with the very man she was tasked to investigate provided him with regular updates on her “progress.”

As a result of the revelations over the weekend, at least 30 police officers were sacked or forced to resign for being labeled “security risks.” Since 2018, these officers were behind at least 514 known leaks.

Sweden’s national police chief, Petra Lundh, has called the officers’ behavior “completely unacceptable,” saying that both the police and the judiciary had been “naive” to not anticipate these types of elaborate infiltration methods.

How much is the liberal project worth?

If you had a 100% female police force, 100% of cops would be having sex with Arab gangsters and feeding them information while protecting them.

This isn’t complicated.

It’s very obvious to anyone who knows anything at all about women.

There is zero room for confusion here if you understand just the single first thing about the nature of reality.

If you want to run a system that is based on a false reality inside of actual reality, that system is going to fail, miserably.

If you didn’t have mass immigration, you wouldn’t have gangs, and then the worst that could happen is that the female cops could have sex with some white guy who sells LSD and help him get out of a parking ticket.

Female cops would still be useless in a country without immigration, but it wouldn’t really matter, because there wouldn’t really be any crime.

A system this disconnected from reality cannot exist indefinitely.

Don’t worry, it’s not immigration