Sweden: Female Members of Animal Rights Cult Sell “Sexual Services” to Pay Cult Leader’s Legal Fees

Here they are protesting a mink farm

Man, I knew I should have gotten in on veganism.

It’s the only place you can find hoes that are loyal.

In general, these hoes ain’t loyal.


Female members of the Swedish animal rights group Djurfront sold sexual services online to finance the court fines of the group’s male leader, who had been sent to prison.

Several female activists from Djurfront, which is said to be violent and far-left extremist, posted on sex forums, offering sexual services and “free trials” in exchange for donating to the group to pay for fines incurred by one of its male leaders who had been jailed for crimes against farmers.

“My friend just got a prison sentence and a huge fine. Anyone who wants to support him in the fight for animal freedom, follow the link in my comments section. If you donate to Djurfront with ‘Support (leader’s name)’, I will give you two days of a free trial,” a female activist wrote in a section of the forum for “hot left” activists, also posting a picture of her breasts, according to Goteborgs Posten.

According to the newspaper, the male leader was sentenced to four months in prison for assault and other charges. He was also ordered to pay damages to his victims but claimed that he could not pay as he was on disability benefits.

Instead, several female members raised money through sex work, with another activist writing on the forum that she sells “leftist porn”, some of which is said to feature the far-left Antifa flag and the extremist Animal Liberation Front (ALF) flag.

Former members of the extremist group have stated that the organisation behaves somewhat like a cult, with many of the leadership being men who have been convicted of violent crimes in the past.

“You would sacrifice everything for Djurfront and the ‘fight’. Otherwise, you were ostracised and threatened. I realised early on that it was a cult,” a defector told the newspaper.

Richii Klinsmeister, their fearless leader

Psychoanalyst Rigmor Robért also compared the group with a cult, comparing Djurfront to the group linked to the 2004 Knutby murder in which Pentecostal pastor Helge Fossmo convinced his mistress to murder his wife and attempt to kill their neighbour.

“In Knutby, there was always talk of ‘the battle’. They were alone on the side of the good, on the side of God, in the fight against the devil and the wicked. It can be the same for a young woman who sees shelterless animals that she wants to save,” Robért said.

“She is radicalised and sucked into an environment where she eventually agrees to live miserably and make sacrifices for the group and the higher purpose,” she added.

Yeah, that’s how they get you.

You say “let’s save the white race,” and bitches turn off and tune out.

Say you want to save animals, they line up.

This vegan stuff was always a cult.

And just like any other cult, women are vastly over-represented at every level except the leadership one.