Sweden: Prime Minister Says Immigrants Killing Swedes has Nothing to Do with Immigration

This week in Sweden

A mass stabbing is just a random event.

It is unrelated to the person doing the stabbing as an individual, let alone any group he may be a part of.

Sputnik News:

The Swedish authorities and media’s response to a stabbing attack that left several people fighting for their lives has raised eyebrows and sparked indignation. A knife-wielding Afghan-born man stabbed seven people in the southern town of Vetlanda, leaving three of them in critical condition.

The case is currently not being investigated as a terrorist crime, prosecutor Adam Rullman confirmed to national broadcaster SVT.

“He is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in several cases, seven to be precise,” Rullman said, citing an apparent lack of motive. Rullman also emphasised that the man has “a connection to another country”.

“Motivation is no motivation.”

That’s even better than “mental illness.”

Islam is a great ideology, you see. The only trouble with it is their views on anal assault. But we’re working on that.

Criminologist Christoffer Carlsson called it a serious act of violence against random people, adding that they are rare, yet difficult to defend against. According to Carlsson, society can do a lot to prevent both terrorist acts and so-called insane acts, such as the attack in Vetlanda, but unfortunately it is impossible to eliminate it completely.

“But when it has gone so far that people go out to the street armed, then it is virtually impossible to defend yourself. Unfortunately, this is what a society must live with,” Carlsson told SVT.

“You just have to live with the fact you might get stabbed at any moment by a random person on the street” might seem scarier than the coronavirus.

However, getting randomly stabbed while going about your business isn’t scary – the coronavirus is scary. That has been confirmed profusely by experts directly from the government.

The news outlet Fria Tider described the alleged culprit as a 22-year-old Kabul native, who arrived in Sweden in early 2016 and was granted temporary residence as “in need of alternative protection”. Later, he was allowed to stay in Sweden due to the government’s so-called “school amnesty”. According to Fria Tider, he indeed went to school, but failed to complete any courses, including a basic alphabet course in Swedish. He has a police record for petty drug-related crimes.

(Virtually all terrorists have taken part in Western cultural decadence, and the reason they do the terrorism is to get forgiveness from their big black rock.)

“Every attack on innocent people will be met by all of Sweden’s united force. Fear and terror will never become part of our everyday lives”, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said in a speech dedicated to the attack.

At a subsequent press conference, a journalist referenced a tweed by the national-conservative Sweden Democrats, who linked the attack to Sweden’s immigration policy and demanded a “total stop to all asylum and family immigration, including quota refugees”, and asked what Löfven thought about it.

Löfven called the link “speculative”. “This is not a question of immigration, as the Sweden Democrats want to make it,” he added.

Their last prime minister was just as bad

The newspaper Aftonbladet ran a column by one of its leading journalists, Jonna Sima, warning that the attack may be used for political purposes.

“The experience of similar events is that some people will now try to take advantage of the situation to make political points. The Sweden Democrats were quickly out and accused the government: How many terrorists are hiding among us?” Sima wrote.

Jonna Sima’s main concern about immigrants killing Swedes is that it might make bad people say bad things

By contrast, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson found Löfven’s response puzzling.

“For Stefan Löfven, no negative consequences of the lax migration policy seem to be related to migration, which puzzles me somewhat. Is there any voter who buys into this? I think he is utterly confused, but at the same time it is good that the prime minister says openly that an Afghan suspected perpetrator who currently doesn’t even have a temporary residence permit ‘is not a question of migration’. It shows with desired clarity how weak his own and his party’s leadership and understanding of cause and effect are,” Åkesson told the news outlet Nyheter Idag.

It sounds to me like the Sweden Democrats are against democracy – full stop.

They need to be investigated by the spies for this plot to undermine our confidence in democratic values, just as Germany’s AfD is currently being investigated.

The Swedish “Royal” family has entirely different concerns