Sweden: Satanic Desert Demons Demand Right to Mutilate the Genitals of Infants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2019

So sick of this conversation, kikes.

If you want to mutilate the genitals of your children, go to your country that you demanded white people give you.

Times of Israel:

Swedish Jews joined the country’s Muslim community this week in protesting the call by a major political party to ban all non-medical circumcisions.

The vote in favor of banning male circumcisions for minors was held at the annual conference of the Swedish Center Party, held in the city of Karlstad on Saturday. The party’s commissioners voted 314 to 166 in favor of the ban, overturning previous decisions by the party’s top leadership rejecting support for the measure.

“This means, if the proposal becomes reality, that it will be completely impossible to live as a Jew or a Muslim in Sweden,” warned Swedish Jewish leader Aron Verständig in an interview with the Expressen newspaper.

The reasonable response to this is to troll by demanding that female circumcision be legalized under sexual equality legislation.

It is literally the exact same thing – you remove the most sensual part of the genitals for the purpose of reducing sexual enjoyment when the child reaches sexual maturity, as part of a way to cause psychological damage.

And we live in a society of sexual equality, do we not?

So legalize female circumcision, or ban them both.

If circumcision is a good thing, as these filthy kikes claim, then women are being denied something they should be entitled to in a society where male genital mutilation is legal and female genital mutilation isn’t.

I’m serious.

Print up posters saying “we need to close the genital mutilation gap.”

Some guy should also suck on the bloody vaginas of the female infants and give them herpes after the mutilation.

It’s social justice.