Sweden: Two Nouveau Swedes Push Woman to Ground and Rape Her

“Dark-skinned” + “rape” in Sweden usually means Somalis.

Somalis do tend to do this sort of thing.

Which, incidentally, is why Sweden needs millions more of them to survive.

Voice of Europe:

In the earlier hours on Thursday morning, police in Luleå received a call from a woman who claimed to have been raped by two men.

The rape is said to have occurred in the residential area Notviken between two and three am.

The victim told police that the sexual assault occurred outdoors and that the two perpetrators were previously unknown to her, Fria Tider reports.

Police say that they are now pursuing two ‘dark-skinned’ men who allegedly forced the victim to the ground and raped her.

In a statement written on the police website says: “The plaintiff, a woman born in the 1980s, states that during a walk she has been pushed down to the ground and then raped.”

“One of them should be about 190 centimeters long and the other between 170-175 centimeters long. Dark-skinned. Short, dark hair. Dark trousers,” the statement reads.