Swedish Company Wants to Hypnotize People Into Veganism

Is this really necessary?

I mean, anyone who’s stupid or gullible enough to get hypnotized in the first place is probably more than susceptible to the cow farts thing.

From the vegan hate site and disinformation hub Plant Based News:

A plant-based start-up in Sweden is hypnotizing people to stop eating meat in a ‘world-first’ three-step program.

Food-tech firm The Raging Pig Company formed the scheme to fast-track people towards a plant-based lifestyle.

Despite meat-eaters having access to ‘the facts’, it says people aren’t being converted ‘quickly enough’.

Hypnotized to stop eating meat

The Get Off Meat launch comes as the firm felt desperate to provide a solution to humankind’s ‘destructive’ treatment of the planet. Via its website, The Raging Pig Company labels meat-eating a ‘disease’, and a product of disconnection in a ‘broken’ food system.

As a result, three guided hypnotherapy sessions are available that put clients in ‘an altered state of awareness’.

Each is 20 minutes long and takes participants on a journey of discovery. And, it’s free of charge.

Moreover, the start-up says it builds upon successful techniques that aid people through trauma and addiction.

Getting into the minds of meat-eaters

Co-founder Adam Mikkelsen said: “Animal agriculture is one of the biggest environmental issues there is and that’s a fact.

“However, for us complex beings, facts are not necessarily enough for changing our behavior.

“We need to get to the core of people’s minds and attitudes. And, bridge the cognitive dissonance between knowing the facts and changing our actual behavior.”

Concentrating on vegetarians and flexitarians is ‘not enough’, the firm claims. It believes tapping into meat eater’s subconscious is the missing piece in the puzzle.

‘Powerful tool’

Each hypnosis session is guided by hypnotherapist Anna-Maj Velander.

‘I’ve seen people make life-changing decisions and resolve significant previous misunderstandings or hurtful beliefs during hypnosis sessions.

I can imagine that the “hypnotize the unbelievers” thing is going to become a major thing in the near future.

We have already basically gone full Bolshevik in terms of the reining ideology, and we are now simply waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of Bolshevik tactics.

But it’s happening.

There is a 100% chance that the Democrats are on the verge of rounding up heretics of the Holy Trinity of Anal, Women and Brown People and putting them in reeducation camps.

It might be next year, it might be the year after, but it’s not going to take until the third year.

Basically, make yourself a hard target by not being in the city.

Then if you do get caught, pretend to be hypnotized.