Swedish Schools Becoming Madrassas, Kids Learn to Pray to Islamic Demon-Devils!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2019

The end goal of Liberalism appears to be forced conversion to Islam. I wish they had told us this at the start.

We have Sweden (and the UK also) now preparing to use the state to force-convert the native population. All in all, this is a rather unexpected development. We were told that these newcomers would assimilate, or rather, reassured that our Jew-Porn society would break them and force them to become as beaten down and hooked on happy pills as the native population.

But we simply do not see this occurring.

In Sweden’s case, the government did not even try to assimilate these people, instead encouraging the newcomers to fight assimilation and telling the native population to meet them halfway. That should have been a huge red flag that a more sinister game was afoot here.


A Swedish school decided to familiarize its fifth-graders with Islamic worshipping by having a teacher recite Koranic verse to them and having them pray facing Mecca, in a bizarre set-up the educators called “role play.”

An offbeat “religion lesson” was taught at the Bjurbäck school situated in the south of Sweden, according to Samhallsnytt news outlet. An outraged parent said pupils were told to face the Kaaba and kneel on prayer mats, while the whole class was divided by gender, with girls forced to the back of the room.

His daughters “did not even want to be there because they could not understand a word of what the teacher read from the Koran in Arabic,” the man, called Markus, revealed. After the “prayer,” the pupils “would dance to Arabic music and eat Arabic cake” in something used to replicate Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim festivities marking the end of compulsory fasting.

Local authorities confirmed the report, with an education official in Emmaboda – a serene southern county where the school is located – telling the news outlet that the class did take place.

I’ve never really fully understood the endgame of all of this mass Moslem migration into formerly Christian nations. Nagging questions persisted in my mind. The entire bureaucracy of these states – everyone from the lowly desk clerk to the public politician is either a homosexual, a cat-wahmyn or a soy boy who espouses Liberalism and considers themselves a proud progressive.

Yet these Liberals don’t even try to defend themselves from the very rapid Moslem takeover of their country. What gives?

When confronted by angry parents, the school management defended the activity, referring to it as “role play.” But the awkward explanation didn’t sit well with Markus who wants the school to apologize and its principal to be suspended.

“Calling this a role play is not OK as it hits me as a parent,” he told the paper. “It’s me, not the school, that raises my children … they go there to learn things that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

The story sparked uproar on social media.

“Of course, the continuation of it will be Muslim students learning the Lord’s Prayer and attending a Catholic mass,” one person suggested.

“Forcing minors into submission is disastrous. One should choose a religion on their own,” another one wrote.

A similar scandal broke out in neighboring Denmark this summer, when a boy of African descent was filmed teaching his third-grade classmates a daily prayer ritual, with the exercise ending with the class kneeling and chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is great). The school, however, defended the teaching methods used to integrate children of different cultures.

Seriously though, who is even out there defending Liberalism at this point?

In the UK, the only people out there defending Liberalism are a spin-off sect (Liberalistism) led by famed British rape-gang commander, Carl the Self-Identifying Quadroon. Despite his best efforts to rape his way to power, Carl failed to make any headway in British politics and it became quite clear that the establishment refuses to defend its own reigning ideology from the growing influence of Islam in British society.

Instead, in both Britain and Sweden, the Liberal establishment will only lash out at any burgeoning Nationalism and beat down the last vestiges of Populism or Christianity among the masses. This is either catastrophic myopia on the part of the Liberals or all part of the plan.

The real plan appears to be the following: preparing an army of Moslems and Kosher-Nationalists to invade Russia.

They’re breeding an army in Isengard Malmo.

After Russia is brought low, the Islamic takeover of vast swaths of the country can continue apace, as long as it leaves little Dubai-like city-state liberal enclaves for Jews and homosexuals to feel safe and continue making money.

Nations all over the West will be leveled – but multi-culti high security money-making city-states run by rich Jews will continue and thrive. Jews will rule over their walled dark cities and continue scheming to bring about the Anti-Christ.

This is the future that they have planned for us all!