Swedish Schools Force Kids to Attend Pride Parades and Anti-Cow Fart Protests

Clearly, the statisticians have found that they can manipulate children into becoming trannies and homosexuals through aggressive propaganda in the schools.

They are now acting very aggressively on this.

Even if you think homosexuality is fine and good and so on, why on earth would you accept people selling sex to children in this way? We never propagandized children with heterosexuality, as it was considered morally wrong to sexualize children. Homosexuality, however, is the highest moral good in our society, so that trumps the moral imperative not to sexualize children.

Sputnik News:

Sweden’s Justice Ombudsman, appointed by parliament, has criticised two schools for forcing students to take part in political demonstrations, including a gay Pride-themed event and a school strike for climate, the news outlet Nyheter Idag reported.

According to the complaint upheld by the ombudsman, Pilbäcksskolan school in Växjö had arranged a Pride parade that was mandatory for the students to participate in, whereas Västangård school in the city of Umeå had arranged a compulsory climate event.

The ombudsman noted that the demonstrations appeared to be part of regular school work and suggested it is conceivable that “some students were reluctant to stand out from the crowd by refraining from participating, even if they or their guardians did not really want them to be there”. “Against this background, I believe that the students may be considered to have been forced to participate in the activity”, the ombudsman wrote.

The municipalities in question saw no problems with the schools’ actions. The Board of Education in Växjö municipality defended the Pride Parade, which was part of a theme week on the equal value of all people, and argued that participation was part of the school’s “basic values work”.

The climate strike organised by Västangård school was defended by the Pre-school and Primary School Committee in Umeå municipality, which argued that it cannot be viewed as a political demonstration and claimed participation was in fact voluntary. This goes against testimonies provided by the children’s guardians who said that students who sought to avoid participating were told that it was mandatory.

It’s actually shocking that anyone had the nerve to question it.

Have you guys seen this Blue’s Clues pride parade?

This is a show for children who are just learning how to speak. If you look at the imagery in that video, they’re showing all of this hardcore and pornographic stuff in a kiddie version.