Swiss Military Confirms It Held a Drill Simulating an Attack by France

Daily Stormer
September 30, 2013

In other news: Swiss military chicks are hot.
In other news: Swiss military chicks are hot.

The Swiss military carried out a drill in which an attack by a fractured, financially wrecked France was simulated, according to a Lausanne-based daily.

But they claim they aren’t really worried about such a thing happening in real life.

From France24:

The exercise employed a scenario in which a financially stricken France had been fractured into several regional entities, one of which was on the verge of attacking Switzerland to retrieve money it had allegedly stolen from France.

“The exercise has strictly nothing to do with France,” Daniel Berger, captain of the Swiss armoured brigade, told the press. “It was prepared in 2012, when fiscal relations between both countries were less tense.”

In 2012, the Swiss carried out a drill simulating a disaster caused by an influx of immigrants after the collapse of the Euro (which surely isn’t something that people are expecting won’t happen).