Syria Rebels Parade Child Hostages On YouTube

Islamist fighters systematically shot dead people in their beds in what could amount to a crime against humanity, HRW says.

Sky News
October 11, 2013

Rebel forces in Syria have killed at least 190 civilians and seized dozens of child hostages, who they have paraded in a video posted on YouTube, Human Rights Watch says

Fighters burned villages, threw bodies in mass graves and kidnapped women and children in acts described as likely “crimes against humanity” by HRW.

Witnesses gave harrowing accounts of family members being executed in their beds during an attack on August 4.

One man said he was forced to flee, leaving his paralysed son and wife to die at the hands of armed rebels.


A 105-page report by the New York based human rights group said the findings “strongly suggest” crimes against humanity were committed in the rural Latakia area.

HRW said it conducted an on-scene investigation and interviewed more than 35 people, including survivors and fighters from both sides.

One child said: “My mum was here in the house with me. She came out of the house first, and I was behind her.

“We saw the three fighters just in front of us, and then we fled on foot down behind the house and into the valley.

“The three fighters that I saw were all dressed in black. They were shooting at us from two different directions. They had machine guns and were using snipers.


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