Taiwan’s Defense Minister Says China Could Invade by 2025, Implies Death of American Supremacy

Meanwhile in America…

This guy seems optimistic.

The Guardian:

China will be capable of mounting a full scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025, the island’s defence minister Chiu Kuo-cheng has said, describing current tensions as the worst in 40 years.

Speaking to the China Times on Wednesday, Chiu said China was capable now, but would be completely prepared to launch an invasion in three years.

“By 2025, China will bring the cost and attrition to its lowest. It has the capacity now, but it will not start a war easily, having to take many other things into consideration,” he said.

China could “mount a full scale invasion” this afternoon.

No one is going to shoot back. Not after the first hour when it’s obvious that the people are happy about the liberation.

Chiu looks masculine enough.

Why is he defending the anal virus-mask “Republic” of Taiwan anyway?

A Chinese invasion means less gay sex and less of this gay virus bullshit.

You’d think any man born in Taiwan would say “I am loyal to my ancestors and my nation, and I can no longer cooperate with this shameful charade.”

Taiwan exists only as a trap set for the Chinese.

China really has no reason to “invade” until they’re ready. They have nothing to lose by waiting. Unless there was some kind of serious crisis in China, and they needed some big win in order to reinforce popular support, it’s not worth seizing Taiwan for their tax revenue or whatever.

Obviously, waiting is different than surrendering. But the US ZOG military is getting weaker by the hour, so there just isn’t any reason not to hold their ground now, and wait for a more opportune time.

Probably, 2025 will be a more opportune time. I can’t imagine that in three years, the US military won’t be in absolute shambles, and very busy maintaining “peace” domestically.