Taliban Doing “Gender Apartheid” to Women, UN Expert Claims

So now, sex norms that every single society in the world had when your great-grandparents were alive – and for all of human history before that – is called “gender apartheid.”

That’s good to know, but no cap, I do not appreciate these sluts.


A U.N. expert said on Monday that the treatment of Afghan women and girls by the Taliban could amount to “gender apartheid” as their rights continue to be gravely infringed by the country’s de facto authorities.

“Grave, systematic and institutionalised discrimination against women and girls is at the heart of Taliban ideology and rule, which also gives rise to concerns that they may be responsible for gender apartheid,” U.N. Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, told the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The U.N. defines gender apartheid as “economic and social sexual discrimination against individuals because of their gender or sex”.

“We have pointed to the need for more exploration of gender apartheid, which is not currently an international crime, but could become so,” Bennett told reporters on the sidelines of the Council.

“It appears if one applies the definition of apartheid, which at the moment is for race, to the situation in Afghanistan and use sex instead of race, then there seem to be strong indications pointing towards that.”

A Taliban spokesperson said their administration was implementing Islamic laws and accused the United Nations and Western institutions of “propaganda”.

Taliban authorities say they respect women’s rights in accordance with their strict interpretation of Islamic law.

It might be strict, but it’s definitely not “an interpretation.” It is just what Islamic law says.

It’s also what every other society’s laws said before a few decades ago.

The way they frame historic norms as radical and revolutionary is crazy.

The people who want the sluts running buckwild are the revolutionaries.

I hate sluts. However, from now on, I will just say I don’t appreciate them.