Taliban Now Saying Women Must Study in Female-Only Classrooms

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Finally, we’re moving in the right direction.

The Guardian:

The Taliban have announced that women in Afghanistan will only be allowed to study at university in gender-segregated classrooms and Islamic dress will be compulsory, stoking fears that a gender apartheid will be imposed on the country under the new regime.

The new higher education minister, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, laid out a series of new policies that will govern women’s access to higher education in Afghanistan under the new Taliban regime governing the newly formed Islamic emirate.

Speaking at a press conference, Haqqani said women would be allowed to continue their university education, but it would be compulsory to wear a hijab. It was unclear if this meant a headscarf or that women’s faces would have to be covered completely.

Gender segregation would also be enforced at all universities, meaning men and women would have to be taught in separate classrooms. “We will not allow boys and girls to study together,” said Haqqani. “We will not allow co-education.”

Female students will also only be allowed to be taught by women. Haqqani also said that the subjects being taught at universities would be reviewed.

The international community has been keeping a close watch on how the new, all-male, Taliban regime is treating Afghan women in order to gauge just how much the Taliban’s pledges of moderation are a reality.

Taliban 2.0 is clever and has great optics.

They are aware people are watching them, and they’re not trying to create problems.

So, it’s likely that they are just going to keep knocking this “female education” thing down a notch every once in a while, until the skanks are where they belong – locked in the house cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children.

It is simply a fact that there is no benefit to educating women. Maybe you want to teach them to read so they can do certain tasks – that is questionable, but okay. But that can be done before puberty.

After the woman can produce children, she should be locked in a house.