Taliban Pepper Sprays Uppity Women

I’ve been saying this for years.

Spray that bitch.

There are all these domestic violence laws in the West – I’ve suggested that you can try spraying women with water, like a cat.

Spray the bitch every time she won’t stop talking.

Just joking. They will charge you with malicious spraying of a sacred vaginal human.

The Guardian:

Taliban forces have fired pepper spray at a group of women protesting in Afghanistan’s capital to demand rights to work and education.

Since seizing control of the country by force in August, the Taliban authorities have imposed creeping restrictions on Afghans, especially on women.

About 20 women gathered in front of Kabul University on Sunday, chanting “equality and justice” and carrying banners that read “women’s rights, human rights”, an AFP correspondent reported.

The protest was later dispersed by the Taliban fighters, who arrived at the scene in several vehicles, three of the protesters told AFP.

“When we were near Kabul University three Taliban vehicles came, and fighters from one of the vehicles used pepper spray on us,” said one woman, who asked not to be named for security reasons. “My right eye started to burn. I told one of them: ‘Shame on you,’ and then he pointed his gun at me.”

Imagine that these women have been living under American analism their whole lives, or at least since they were small children.

Imagine they think they can shame men for hitting them with the spray.