“Technical Event” in Boeing Plane Injures 50 Passengers – “People Were Flying Around – Blood was on the Ceiling”

Okay, so now people are actually getting hurt.

How far are we from a mass death event caused by Boeing and their diversity program?

Presumably, that could happen at any moment. It could be happening right now as I’m typing this. Some black female pilot could be saying over the loudspeaker “sugar, don’t you worry them wings coming off, they ain’t need no wing.”


Dozens of people were injured after a flight from Australia to New Zealand experienced a “technical event” that produced a sudden movement, according to the flight’s operator, with witnesses telling local media that passengers were suddenly thrown around the cabin.

Approximately 50 people were treated for injuries on arrival in Auckland, including one person in serious condition, emergency medical service provider Hato Hone St John Ambulance told CNN. It said 12 patients had been sent to hospital.

Affected passengers and cabin crew “received immediate assistance and were evaluated or treated by medical staff at the airport as needed,” according to a statement to CNN by LATAM Airlines.

“Flight LA800, operating the Sydney — Auckland route today, had a technical event during the flight which caused a strong movement,” the statement said, which added the plane landed as scheduled in Auckland on Monday.

The statement did not elaborate on what the technical event was.

Sounds to me like something got fucked up.

Isn’t it in the public interest to know what? We all have to fly on these planes.

They’re not blaming the weather.

Aviation officials in Chile say investigators in New Zealand will probe the “technical event” on a Chilean Boeing 787 that injured 50 passengers.

Meanwhile, Boeing has confirmed that the incident happened on board one of its planes, adding that it is working to gather more information.

“We heard dat shit all fucked up, gnomesane? We finna swoop on in,” the statement added.

The plane was a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, according to flight tracking website FlightAware.

A passenger on board the flight called Jacinto, who spoke with CNN affiliate RNZ, said there was a “mid-air drop.”

People flew through the cabin,” he said. “People got pretty injured.”

Another passenger, which RNZ named as Valentina, said that the plane “just stopped,” and that “people were flying around.”

Blood was on the ceiling, people [flew] and broke the ceiling of the plane,” she said, adding that she was “very scared” to get on a plane again.

People flying around and blood on the ceiling sounds like “The Shining at 30,000 feet.”

I think everyone is afraid to get on a plane now. Anyone with any sense.

People are going to start demanding these Boeings be replaced by Chinese planes, with Chinese (male) staff building, maintaining, and flying them.

Boeing’s public relations are about at the same level as Israel’s at this point.