Terror v. Terror

And so, at the behest of Israel, the U.S. is poised to effect yet another round of regime change, this time in Syria.

Thomas Goodrich
Wild West Blog
August 31, 2013

Photo edited with http://www.tuxpi.comAssad in Syria, Morsi in Egypt, Khadafy in Libya, Saddam in Iraq . . . the list goes on. Despite the fact that 91% of Walmart shopping American sports fans are against yet another in a long litany of wars, it doesn’t matter one thin dime. Israel wants regime change and good old Uncle Sucker, with a host of Jewish lobbyists kicking him in the pants, is happy to oblige.

Israel’s menu for Uncle Sucker:

a) first Syria
b) second Iran
c) third Russia

And you actually thought you had a choice, a voice in decisions, didn’t you Americans? We Americans have not had a voice in U.S. foreign policy for decades. With nearly 90% of Americans against war in Europe in 1941, FDR and his Jewish ‘advisers’ worked like beavers to goad the Japanese into attacking, thereby enabling the U.S. to enter the war against Germany via the ‘backdoor.’ You know the rest. And that has been the pattern ever since. Stage an incident—back then it was Pearl Harbor, today it is poison gas in Syria–and the Jewish media will happily turn that 90% against war into 90% FOR war. No Texas rancher ever herded his cattle with greater ease than the U.S. welfare/warfare state and its Jewish media herd Americans.

The fact is, the corrupt and criminal U.S. government will do exactly as Israel directs, polls or no polls.

I saw something the other night in which the “objective” talking head went to great lengths to try and pin the terror tail on the terrorist donkey and the terrorist donkey alone. Whoever controls the media controls the name calling and I suppose one man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot. War is terrorism. “Shock and awe” is nothing but terrorism on a massive scale.

When Indians on the warpath left parts of a trooper scattered about to be discovered by a column of cavalry, that was terrorism. The warriors well knew the impact such a sight would have on those men. The airmen of the RAF and US Eighth Air Force in Germany and Japan, 1944-45, were engaged in terrorism on a vast scale. Many of the towns they firebombed had no military value. To kill as many civilians–men, women and children–as possible was the simple aim. “Targets of Opportunity,” a fancy term in which U.S. and British pilots, with complete mastery of the air over Germany and Japan, were directed to shoot anything that moved, including passenger trains, buses, boats filled with refugees, even animals in fields and children on playgrounds. To force a nation to become so terrorized that it quit fighting was the goal.

When Viet Cong guerrillas stumbled upon a comrade tied to a tree with his head in his lap and his penis stuffed in his mouth, that was terrorism. When someone threatens to blow another’s damned head off, that is terrorism. When a bully on a playground holds his fist to another’s nose and threatens to administer a beating, that’s terrorism.

In conflict, in war, in anger, everyone is a terrorist in some shape or form. War IS terror.

In Iraq or Afghanistan, a vehicle-borne IED or a body bomb strap is a poor man’s attack helicopter or stealth bomber. A hijacked airliner that kills hundreds of civilians is a guerrilla’s cruise missile that also kills hundreds of civilians.

Terrorism is a time proven method of bending another to one’s will. When one side is outnumbered or outgunned by the other, terrorism helps level the playing field. Here in America, John Brown understood the power of terror, as did William Quantrill and “Bloody Bill” Anderson. “Terrorism” is a pejorative–and rightly so–but I think it should be acknowledged as a viable arm of war. When one side, the side with all the media, says that they are fighting terrorism, or “fighting for peace,” they are trying to place the black hat on the other side but their argument is like saying they are screwing for virginity—it’s deceitful, it’s disingenuous, it’s dissembling.

In war, all are terrorists trying to terrorize the other terrorists.