Terrorist Leader Murtaza Mohammad Hussain Claims White Nationalists Want to Hoax a Fake Genocide

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2019

A Moslem terrorist named “Murtaza Mohammad Hussain” writing for the Intercept has dug up the Bosnian genocide hoax and said that the right-wing is planning to commit such a cartoonish atrocity.

I haven’t heard about the fake “Srebrenica genocide” in years and years. Young people have probably never heard of it. It is an atrocity lie designed to justify the NATO bombing of Serbia. The hoax is so stupid and so easily disproved that it just got completely buried by the media and academia.

Basically, NATO claims that 8,000 civilians were killed by Serbs for no reason. But there are nowhere near that many bodies, and the UN officials who were actually there say that the graves the initial hoaxers point to were the result of a three-year period of low-intensity conflict.

In actual fact, a lot more Serbs than Moslems died in this place, and some of the graves they point to are actually Serbian graves.

Anyway, it’s a low level stupid hoax that no one believes. It was created in the TV era, where no one had any access to any information about something happening in the depths of the newly liberated former Yugoslavia.

Leftists didn’t even believe the hoax. Noam Chomsky’s BFF Edward Herman wrote of the hoax: “The evidence for a massacre, certainly of one in which 8,000 men and boys were executed, has always been problematic, to say the least” and “the ‘Srebrenica massacre’ is the greatest triumph of propaganda to emerge from the Balkan wars… the link of this propaganda triumph to truth and justice is non-existent.”

Leave it to some 80 IQ haji and his white female ghostwriters to go dig this up and remind everyone how stupid it was.

Anyway, in his 6 million word essay, which I only skimmed because wow just wow, he makes the claim that Serbs were worried about the birthrate of Moslems, so they tried to exterminate them, and that’s the same thing as white nationalism in America, which is why whites are evil.

Basically, he says “this is just like that time there was a war…”

Because obviously – obviously – every single war involves killing, usually over land or some other resource allocation between groups. There was no reason to talk about the Srebrenica hoax. He could have just told the truth – that Serbs went to war with Bosnians over land, and that this is like the El Paso shooter being worried about Mexicans displacing white people. But then there is the whole “yeah but isn’t that the same as most every other war in history though?” issue. So he wanted to tie it to something really distasteful – a ritual throat slitting bridge and a rape spa.