Tesla Sales Still Falling Despite Price Cuts and Low-Interest Financing Offers

The Chinese are making a better car for $20,000 than the one Elon sells for $80,000.

You can do tariffs (like Europe) and just full import bans (like US), but Tesla is not a sustainable company.

The Guardian:

Tesla’s global sales fell for the second straight quarter despite price cuts and low-interest financing offers, another sign of weakening demand for the company’s products and electric vehicles overall.

The Austin, Texas, company said Tuesday that it sold 436,956 vehicles from April through June, down 4.8% from 466,140 sold the same period a year ago. The sales were better than the 436,000 figure that analysts had expected.

Demand for EVs worldwide is slowing, but they’re still growing for most automakers. Tesla, with an aging model lineup and relatively high average selling prices, has struggled more than other manufacturers.

Still it retained the title of the world’s top-selling electric vehicle maker. For the first half of the year, Tesla sold more than 910,000 vehicles worldwide, handily beating China’s BYD, which sold 726,153.

Tesla also sold over 33,000 more vehicles during the second quarter than it produced, which should reduce the company’s inventory on hand at its stores.

Tesla gave no explanation for the sales decline. The company will post second-quarter earnings on 23 July. The electric automaker’s sales decline comes as competition is increasing from legacy and startup automakers, which are trying to nibble away at the company’s market share. Most other automakers will report US sales figures later Tuesday.

The explanation is that people who want EVs are buying Chinese cars.

It’s not really very complicated.

Xiaomi makes a phone that is at least three times the phone that the iPhone 15 is, and they sell it for $700.

This tech war between America and China is the same thing as the war between the Ukraine and Russia: it’s already over, the Americans just haven’t admitted it yet.