Texas Cripple Boasts He’s Going to Build More Border Wall in the State Than Trump

Greg Abbott is high on life, getting praised by the whole country, even though he hasn’t even done anything.

He won’t deport anyone to Mexico, and instead sends them to northern states. His floaty toys and barbed wire haven’t stopped a single immigrant.

A wall is a good idea, however.

New York Post:

Texas is on track to build more of Donald Trump’s infamous border wall than the former president’s own administration put up in the state, Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday.

“Texas is the first and only state in the history of the United States of America to build our own border wall,” Abbott said during a press conference in Shelby Park.

If you look at the amount of wall already constructed and the amount of wall that is going to be under construction, Texas will have built more of the Trump border wall than even Trump built in the state of Texas,” the governor boasted.

The Lone Star State has additionally erected roughly 160 miles of barriers — including razor wire fencing, anti-climb barriers, Conex boxes and buoys in the river — that do not include the wall, according to Abbott.

Texas has also been ramping up its enforcement along the southern border amid the ongoing migrant crisis, which Abbott declared is “the biggest border crisis since America had borders.”

“The results are amazing,” Abbott told reporters.

While Texas covers about two-thirds of the US-Mexico border, less than one-third of border crossings happen in the state — a change that has happened only in the past half year or so, he said.

It certainly took him a while to get rolling, but I suppose this is better than nothing.

The problem here is, Texans are hardcore, and Abbott, by holding the governor’s office, is keeping out someone who would be much more representative of Texan values.

He only started doing anything with the border a year ago, for fear of being run out of office, and most of what he’s done is very gimmicky.

But if he’s building a wall, that’s good.