Gang from Venezuela Behind NYC Crime Wave

Is it a gang? Or is it just a group of people?

“Gang” implies centralized organization, which is not what I’ve been witnessing.

New York Post:

It’s a crime wave that has raised fears across the city: robbers on mopeds snatching people’s phones from their hands and speeding off.

In one especially brazen attack, the moped-riding bandits dragged a 62-year-old woman down a Brooklyn street in December.

After the phones are stolen, the victims’ bank and cash accounts are drained of cash, with fraudulent transactions in both the US and South America, and the phones themselves sent to Colombia to be wiped, reprogrammed and sold.

Now The Post can disclose that the pattern of robberies is being linked by law enforcement to a brutal Venezuelan gang which is sending its members to New York as part of the migrant wave — and using its sprawling criminal empire to launder the proceeds of the crimes.

Until recent weeks police had been concerned about rises in thefts and robberies in the city — such as a spate of pickpocketing on the subway system and around the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree — being linked to low-level, unorganized criminals who were among the estimated 170,000 migrants who have arrived in the city since the start of 2023.

But sources tell The Post that the brutal Venezuelan “Tren de Aragua” gang has moved into New York by having its members cross the southern border and claim asylum, and is likely behind many of the moped robberies.

This seems like a way to excuse the rest of the invaders.

“Oh it’s just these bad gang ones though.”

It is the only new gang so far being tracked among the new migrant arrivals in the city, sources say.

The NYPD has not so far discussed the gang publicly — but at a briefing last week, senior officers described a pattern of moped robberies which The Post is told have the hallmarks of Tren de Aragua.

Separately, sources told The Post last Saturday that there were concerns a gang which assaulted a police officer in Times Square could be linked to Tren de Aragua. It was unclear if the 15-year-old Venezuelan arrested Friday over the Times Square shooting of a tourist has ties to the gang.

Last month, a suspect believed to be connected to Tren de Aragua was arrested after the brutal murder of a retired Venezuelan police officer who was lured to his death in Miami by a group of prostitutes.

And in Chicago, Cook County Sheriff Department’s intelligence division has been revealed by NBC5 Chicago to be tracking its presence in the city.

Tren de Aragua, meaning Aragua Train, started in 2012 among trade union members in the Aragua province of Venezuela who turned a planned railroad into an opportunity for grift, and has exploded since then into a violent gang involved in robberies, drug-dealing and human trafficking across South America.

The Venezuelan government officially sees it as a criminal enterprise and sent in 11,000 soldiers on September 23 last year to take back a prison under the gang’s control in Tocorón, in the country’s interior.

But, The Post is told, its members have also been used as enforcers for the Cartel of the Suns drug trafficking network which the US Department of Justice alleges is run by Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro from his presidential palace in Caracas.

They have now established presences in Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Chile under leader Niño Guerrero (“Warrior Kid”) whose real name is Héctor Rustherford Guerrero Flores and who escaped the prison raid safely along with around 80 other senior leaders.

Their violent practices have shocked even the most hardened in South America, particularly for their willingness to kill women.


Ammon Blair, a former Border Patrol agent and senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank, said: “They go into local economies where there are Venezuelans and take over the criminal underground using excessive force.

“They’ll start shooting prostitutes controlled by rival gangs and perform the executions live on social media in order to establish their presence.”

In Colombia in January, a series of brutal murders saw people lured to hotel rooms by Tren de Arauga members, tortured and killed, with their ordeals recorded for other gang members. One young man was tied hand and foot, strangled with a cable and beaten with a hammer before being shot.

The gang’s leader in Colombia, José Manuel Vera, calls himself “Satan,” and was arrested after trying to extort businesses in a series of towns, with bloodthirsty demands sent in WhatsApp voice notes.

When the owners did not pay up, their employees were kidnapped tortured and dismembered, their body parts bound in tarps and dumped outside the businesses.

In Lima, Peru, last February, a transgender prostitute was shot point blank 31 times and the murder put on social media — a warning that Tren de Aragua now ran city’s the sex trade. It was the start of a bloodbath: 24 Lima prostitutes were murdered in 2023, apparently by the gang.

In Chile, dismembered victims’ bones have been found in cement at building sites, and the country’s prosecutor held criss talks with his Columbian counterpart about the gang’s threat to law and order.



Didn’t really want that many words in this article, but okay.

What I should and will add: the only reason Venezuela is such a worse shithole than the rest of South America is that they’re sanctioned by the US.

The US-supported lunatic in Argentina might make Argentina this shitty, but you don’t see hordes coming from Brazil or Colombia, do you?

They’re coming from Venezuela because the US sanctions them.