Texas Deploys Inflatable Toy Barrier Along Rio Grande, Hoping to Stop Invaders

Greg Abbott is a cripple, so he’s obsessed with kids playing in the water – something he can never do.

He just assumes that Mexicans will get distracted playing with this water toy and then drown.

In fact, they will just climb over it and keep moving.

New York Post:

Workers in Texas have begun installing a floating barrier along the Rio Grande in an effort to deter migrants from crossing the dangerous river to enter the US illegally.

“The buoys have arrived and the installation of the marine barrier on the Rio Grande begins today,” read a tweet posted by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Friday.

The first 1,000-foot section of interconnected 4-foot-wide sphere buoys – that spin when grabbed – is being installed near Eagle Pass, Texas, a hot spot for illegal border crossings.

The floating barrier is designed to be moved and extended to cover other parts of the Rio Grande if necessary, according to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“New marine barrier installation on the Rio Grande begins today. Texas DPS is overseeing the project in Eagle Pass,” Abbott wrote on Twitter Friday.

The governor’s tweet included a video showing dozens of the bright orange buoys being taken off multiple flatbed trucks.

This new barrier is part of Operation Lone Star – a state border security effort launched by the governor in 2021.

The water-based barrier, designed by the company Cochrane USA, will cost the state $1 million, according to Texas Department of Public Safety director Steve McCraw.

In terms of the people, Texas is still the best state in the Union. At least, it is the best big and powerful state (Mississippi or Arkansas people are probably more based, and have a lot less Mexicans, but they are not powerful states).

It’s such a shame that this crippled cuck is in charge of such an important state.

Anyone would be better than this guy. He really rides the line, as close as he can, to keep from getting voted out with “devil you know” rhetoric.

At some point, people are going to need to start electing hardcore fascist governors who scream about “blood in the streets.”

Either that, or we’re just all going to die.