Texas School District Bans Pronoun Madness, Says Genitals at Birth Determine Correct Bathroom


A school district in Texas has declared that a woman cannot have a penis!

They’re teaching this to kids!

Who would spread this kind of disinformation against trans lives???

Are they working with the Russians???

New York Post:

Students’ gender at birth will now determine restroom and pronoun use at a Texas school district, where LGBTQ accommodations have been banned.

Conservative board members at the Keller Independent School District voted that students in the Dallas suburb must use the restroom or locker room that “corresponds to their gender assigned at birth,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

A single-user restroom can be offered as an alternative.

“This policy allows students, teachers and staff the freedom to use pronouns as they deem appropriate,” one supporter of the new policy told the local Fox station.

“It also allows students, teachers and staff the freedom not to participate in preferred pronoun usage. I call that a win-win.”

Birth gender will also determine if a student is called a “he” or “she” at Keller schools — ending the use of preferred pronouns for transgender students.

The policy change takes place immediately and is similar to one adopted by the neighboring Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District.

I really hate to have to break the news, but this is way too little, way too late.

If you’ve gotten to the point where saying “a woman cannot have a penis” is considered extremely controversial, and you are effectively taking on the federal government by saying it, then you’ve already passed the point of no return.

With the Supreme Court’s ruling this week against the gays, Brandon is probably going to be looking to pass some kind of law to force schools to give access to homosexuals.

People do not think much of the trannies, generally, so such a law would not be popular. But nothing he does is popular. It’s starting to look like that’s the point: the Biden Administration appears to be designed to demoralize the population through continued ritual humiliation.

It’s all “say black lives matter! Say safe and effective! Say Slavia Ukrainia! Say protect trans kids!”

Everyone hates this, everyone knows everyone else hates it, but everyone goes along with it because everyone else is going along with it.

Everyone knows the election was fake. Some people supported it being faked, because they think Donald Trump is a bad daddy. They probably don’t support it very much anymore. No one is happy with anything in this system. Compare Biden’s approval ratings – or Trump’s for that matter – with those of Putin or Xi. Putin is consistently at or above 80%, while Xi is always above 90%.

People have given up.

The fact that they are deciding to take a symbolic stand after “the government is going to mutilate your children’s genitals now, sir” just proves the point.

“Democracy” means “submission.”