Texas Shooter had Been Fired from His Trucking Job Hours Before Shooting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2019

You can blame the individual. But the real culprit is society.

And by “society,” I mean “Jews.”

New York Times:

The 36-year-old man who terrorized two West Texas towns with an assault-style rifle Saturday had been fired from his trucking job a few hours before he led the authorities on a chaotic high-speed chase that ended with his death and the deaths of seven others.

Along a 15-mile stretch between the sister cities of Midland and Odessa, the aftermath of the gunman’s rampage — in which he indiscriminately fired on motorists and police officers with an AR-15-style rifle while driving — clashed with the typically serene and dusty rural landscape of the region.

On Sunday, the authorities continued to collect evidence from more than 15 crime scenes, scattered along highways, car dealerships and shopping malls, marked by police tape, bullet-riddled cars and a wrecked postal van the gunman had hijacked.

The authorities initially refused to name the gunman on Sunday, wanting not to give him “any notoriety for what he did,” said Michael Gerke, the police chief of Odessa. But they later issued a statement identifying the gunman as Seth A. Ator, of Odessa.

Police officers shot and killed Mr. Ator in the parking lot of a movie theater in Odessa, ending a shooting spree that began after the authorities had tried to pull him over for failing to signal a left turn. Although officials said in interviews that the gunman had been fired from his job with a trucking company on Saturday morning, the authorities stressed that they had not yet established a clear motive to explain the level of violence and firepower.

I think we’ve established as clear of a motive as we’re going to establish.

Life is really, really hard for white men in America.

There is no money. Everyone is just barely getting by.

The ruling class has chosen to flood our country with immigrants, legal and illegal, in order to drive down our wages, as they’ve also shipped a majority of the jobs overseas.

You combine this with the situation with women, the divorce courts, and you’ve got an apocalyptic situation.

Then you create a nonstop media narrative about how the white working class, this oppressed and totally disenfranchised group of people are the root of all evil on earth, and you’ve got a recipe for absolute chaos.

It would be easy to prevent this, like it would be easy to prevent everything else. The collapse of our society is not due to incompetence, it is due to sheer malice. The people who control society want to harm us for the sake of causing harm and they are doing it on purpose.

It is truly a wonder that this Falling Down type scenario doesn’t happen much more often.