The Chemtrail Conspiracy: Show me the Evidence

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2013

1954, A photo by Ansel Adams entitled “Rails and Jet Trails” Adams died in 1984. See here.

One thing regarding the so-called chemtrail conspiracy that I find incredibly interesting is the lack of anything even resembling real evidence. The standard theory is that these things just showed up sometime between 1997 and 1999 and that there is a difference between a ‘contrail’ and a ‘chemtrail.’ Contrails dissipate slowly, and chemtrails linger for hours, the conspiracy peddler’s claim. The evidence given for this is that people just started seeing them around that time, and then they would start to feel sick. Presenting that evidence, and that evidence alone, they began selling the idea that the government must be spraying us with toxic chemicals in order to depopulate the world, as well as perhaps modify the weather – they could also be pretending to modify the weather, while actually poisoning us. How scientific.

The only problem is that it is easily provable that the trails in the sky that we see today have been around for close to 100 years. There are 100’s of pictures, dozens of references in newspaper and magazine articles, scientific reports, and even TV references, including a 1959 episode of The Twilight Zone. (Uh-oh, conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with that one: predictive programming?)

Debates between detractors and supporters usually consist of the one side saying “show me the evidence,” and the other side either saying “look up in the sky,” or pointing to endless graphs and charts of data of alleged test samples and weather statistics that you would have to be a scientist and spend thousands of hours to even understand. There’s not even a pretense that there is any tangible evidence of where this operation is coming from. Essentially, the chemtrailers believe that this is a super-secret government-funded operation to spray the whole world without our knowledge or consent in order to depopulate and make everybody sick. Nobody knows the location of any of the airports where they launch these secret planes from, no one that ever flew one or worked with one has come forward, there’s no paper trail of where all these so-called chemicals are coming from, etc. – it’s that “top secret.” I do believe that the governments carry out covert operations, of course, but to believe in an operation of this scale to be happening for no clear purpose, you would have to be extremely gullible and have a pretty wild imagination. How much is this operation costing? Where is the funding coming from? Our tax money? How many people are involved that are not talking?  Why would the government spend all this money simply to poison people?

Chemtrail believers accuse anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with their weird theory as being a part of a massive ‘disinformation’ cover-up campaign that is being waged day and night to discredit them. I will be no doubt be called a government shill by these maniacs just for writing this article. The US Air Force, the British Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Canadian government, NASA, the EPA, the FAA, the US Department of Defense and the New Mexicans for Science and Reason (NMSR) have all responded to the numerous complaints from concerned citizens and have all vehemently denied the existence of any evidence of chemtrails, yet the Jewish propaganda apparatus The History Channel ran a four part special on it. Go figure. There must be some folks over at the Jewish owned History Channel looking out for our best interests, right?

Of course most people that believe in chemtrails already have the pre-concieved notion, given to them by the likes of Alex Jones and other conspiracy hucksters, that the ‘elites’ (i.e. rich white people, NOT Jews) want to depopulate 90% of the world.  They see we are being poisoned by just about everything so this theory makes sense to them. In reality, there is a much simpler explanation for most of these poisons that we are exposed to, which is, simply, capitalist greed. The world’s population has increased by close to 1.5 billion since 1999. If the ‘elites’ of the world really wanted to depopulate 90% of us, I imagine they would be much more efficient, and a lot of us would be dead.  Instead they continue to fund massive food programs in third world countries, as their populations continue to expand exponentially.

Sodium fluoride in our drinking water, for example, is said to be a part of this depopulation conspiracy. Sodium fluoride is a toxic by-product of aluminum manufacturing plants. Adding it to our water saves them millions of dollars every year in waste management. It is poison, no doubt, and I don’t recommend that anyone drink it ever, but the motive behind putting it in the water supply is not really a big mystery. The greedy scumbags behind this, aspartame, HFCS, and countless other poisons just don’t care if they poison us. Why should they? That fluoride is put in the water to deliberately dumb us down and make the public sick and apathetic and thus less resistant to government tyranny, which is the standard line of much of the alternative media, doesn’t stand up to even minimal scrutiny. That may be a beneficial side-effect for the powers that be, but claiming it as a motive is entirely unfounded. Evidence to support this theory consists of allegations that the ‘Nazis’ first used fluoride on concentration camp prisoners so they wouldn’t revolt during the make believe Jewish Holocaust. Such a ridiculous claim is not even really worth debunking, but nevertheless, it has been, multiple times. Another popular claim about fluoride, presented to support the deliberate dumbing down theory, is that it is the same as the active ingredient in Prozac (fluoxetine), but… you can’t feel it when you are under it’s influence. Eating Prozac will have a person walking around like a zombie for days – we’ve all seen this – but when it is put in water apparently it turns into a magic drug and you can drink two gallons of it and never even realize how high you are.

The point is, we need to be very critical when looking at the extreme claims coming out of the alternative media.


The chemtrail theory seems to have originated in an email by a Christian talk show host named Richard Lew Finke that was passed around in UFO and conspiracy circles circa 1997. It really picked up steam after a creep named William Thomas – the main progenitor of the chemtrail myth – appeared on Art Bell’s sensational radio show Coast to Coast AM in 1999 (the word “chemtrail” doesn’t appear on the internet at all before 1999). Fans of the Coast to Coast AM radio show, probably not the most discerning bunch, went outside after hearing this interview and saw the regular contrails that had been described so eloquently by William Thomas as “chemtrails,” and, in their mind, this was enough to confirm the existence of a government conspiracy to poison us. This spurred on an exponential amount of photographic and psuedo-scientific evidence being passed around to try and make the facts fit the theory.

The elements most often alleged to be in the “chemtrails” are the heavy metal particulates barium and aluminum. The tests often cited to try and prove this are debunked by the simple fact that rainwater and soil already naturally contain traces of these elements that match the test results. Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust, which also explains Monsanto’s ‘aluminum resistant seed’ project – a goal they have been talking about for 100 years. Geo-engineering, cloud seeding, and weather modification are all real things, this is not denied. Bill Gates announced last year that they were planning to experiment with spraying stratospheric sulfate aerosols out of a large balloon into the atmosphere in order to combat so-called Global Warming. This is being done completely above board. Spraying barium and aluminum out of the back of airplanes is not a part of this project, yet the kooktrailers don’t hesitate to cite this statement by Gates as proof of their delusional theory.

The popular chemtrail documentary What in the World are they Spraying has a scene where the producers attend a 2006 public geo-engineering conference in which they are talking about the same weather modification project as Gates. This is a work in progress that hadn’t even started yet. The audience is manipulated into thinking that the people staging this conference are evil psychopaths that have already been spraying the whole world covertly for years, without any evidence whatsoever except for the aforementioned deceptive soil testing. The conference, we are to believe, was held to plan something that was already taking place in a completely different way.

The eager documentarians pose a question about health risks and the speaker responds by saying that that was their first concern and it is not an issue. There nothing to suggest that he is being purposefully dishonest about his analysis. Scientists can determine the safe level of each chemical element by studying what the human body can detox naturally, usually measured in parts per million (ppm). For example, if you naturally excrete 100ppm of chemical X in a day, then exposure to 110ppm of chemical X in a 24 hour period would be a toxic level.

Aluminum is then brought up at this same conference as something being considered for a future geo-engineering project because of it’s ability to deflect sunlight. When pressed on the potential health risks involved with this the speaker chooses his words carefully because the research on it is still in it’s infancy. The sleazy producers of the film then proceed to twist his words around in a truly despicable way, trying to make it out like he slipped up and made some kind of admission of guilt.

This is a case where fact and fiction have become so intertwined that any time a believer sees the words ‘weather modification,’ or ‘geo-engineering’ an automatic association with chemtrails is made in their minds, without investigating the details. Whether or not weather modification projects will end up compromising our health I really don’t know. I’m not a scientist, and I haven’t seen the data. What I do know is that that particular scene in that garbage documentary proves absolutely nothing except the deceptive nature of the film-makers. (The main producer Michael Murphy makes a living off of the chemtrail hoax, by the way.)

The concept of weather modification raises legitimate questions about whether or not it is a good idea for man to play God, of course, and if such a program were ever to be seriously considered by policy makers, it would need to be opened up for public discussion, but their is nothing to suggest that the (mostly white) scientists working on the project have anything other than good intentions at heart.  If this was part of an giant evil conspiracy, and they were already doing it on a huge scale in secret anyway, why on earth would they hold a public conference about it?

Contrails – World War II

So in conclusion, the chemtrail conspiracy theory is not only one of the more insane ones out there, it is also one of the most embarrassing ones. I recommend for anyone who still believes in it to take a step back and reevaluate this thing completely. The alternative media, and even the nationalist movement, is rife with people encouraging others to try and “wake up” random people or family members by telling them to look at contrails in the sky, claiming it is proof of a secret evil conspiracy to try and murder us, often while referring to the ones that don’t understand or care what the hell they are talking about as “sheeple.” This crazy behavior is a bitter shame on anyone trying to change the way our society works.

Even if chematrails were real, what would we hope to accomplish by pointing them out to people? Sowing distrust in our Jew-ridden government is a good thing, but not at the expense of our sanity.

Indulging in Alex Jones-style paranoia is certainly not going to help us stop the New World Order.  Achieving victory is going to require us to organize under the banner of nationalism and stand up against the entire Jewish system we have been so thoroughly immersed in. If that doesn’t happen, and happen fast, poisonous airplane exhaust will be the least of our concerns.


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