The Guy from the IDF Just Happened to be Standing There by the Posters (In the Night)

“I practiced my cock-swallowing skills on huge nigger cocks, so deepthroating Jews has been relatively easy. Sometimes I still vomit afterwards, but I always make sure the rabbi is satisfied.” -Robby Starbuck, a true conservative to represent you in Washington

Previously: Attention Women: These “Missing Persons” Posters the Jews are Putting Up are a Trap (For anyone who missed it, this has a detailed explanation of “trick posters” and “the missing persons poster trap,” something I will reference below)

I’ve been checking up on the sickening kike shills on Twitter.

Robby Starbuck is a “MAGA” kikesucker who was featured heavily on Tucker Carlson when he was running for some office a couple years ago.

This guy has Jewish cock so far down his throat that kosher semen is running out of his nose, creating snot bubbles*.

I was browsing his feed, in total awe of the utter shamelessness of this kikesuckery.

Look at this:

In that video, filmed in Brooklyn, a woman (only women fall for this trap) takes the bait and starts ripping down these missing persons posters that the Jews are hanging up all over the Western world (as if someone in New York has seen the missing person kidnapped by Hamas).

I’ve told you: this is a trap. They set it up to film people and then destroy their lives. It is the most obvious thing in the world, and somehow, no one is saying it, despite the fact that there are probably hundreds of these videos on Twitter of people tearing down the “missing person” posters.

One of the men filming this woman, at night, runs up and says “I was in the fucking Israeli army.” The girl starts laughing. I don’t think she is smart enough to understand she is ensnared in a trap, because women are literally retarded, but the statement is so absurd, she has to laugh.

This screenshot I got of the laugh is so good. Look at bro’s face, like, closing his eyes and focusing on the pussy. I think that hair color is real. It matches the pale pink of her skin. I think you get where I’m going with this (🍀).

The poor bro who is following her around trying to catch a whiff is trying to be cool with the Jews. It’s the funniest thing ever. He’s like “oh yeah, Israeli army? What were you doing over there?” But he also knows he’s achieving “physical protector” status just by standing next to her, which increases his chances at catching a whiff**.

Seriously: imagine the chances that someone from the IDF just happened to wander upon this girl removing a poster at night. Statistically, what are the odds of that?

Further, the whining kike says it’s a poster of a six-month-old. How does he know that?

Benefit of the Doubt

I’m suggesting that there is a strong possibility that that these Jews filming were literally lying in wait for some fair lass to rip them down so they can film her and post it online and get her fired, kicked out of school, blacklisted for life, life-ruined.

However, it doesn’t have to be so extreme.

I’ve observed humans a lot, and I know exactly what is going on in this scene: this is “on the way home from the bar” time. Bro is not the girl’s boyfriend, he is trying to fuck her, walking her to her place and trying to get in, or claiming he has cocaine back at his place and leading her there. Maybe he has a car he’s walking her to with plans to go to “a chill spot.” You feel me.

In theory, the Jews are also getting out of the bar, and these two parties just happened upon each other, while the highly socialized female woman is doing her morality signaling duties, ensuring the world knows that she wants to protect brown people, first and foremost.

Brooklyn has a lot of Jews. Jews have put these posters up everywhere. They all understand what the purpose of the posters are.

So it is indeed possible that the Jews were not lying in wait, but simply caught her and pulled out the camera.

It doesn’t really matter either way, because regardless, Jews put these posters up as a trap. They don’t really believe that a baby that was kidnapped in Israel is going to show up crawling around the streets of Brooklyn, and that someone is going to see the poster and say “hey! I saw that baby crawling around outside the emo-indie-electronica bar with the vape store attached! The infant was telling people he forgot his ID and asking them to buy vape juice for him! I’d better call this number so his parents can go get him!”

They are trick posters, trap posters, ensnarement posters – choose your word.

So, it’s possible they weren’t lying in wait like highwaymen, and yet still jumped into action immediately.

However, my theory on the video is that the Jews were on the street, and a nearby hipster bar was closing and people were coming out, and the Jews figured that there would be a poster ripper woman in the crowd so they stopped to wait for someone to rip the poster so they could ruin her life.

If you have women in your life, try to explain this to them. I doubt they will understand, but you have to at least try.


That video has text that says “last night in Brooklyn.” The kike who uploaded it was clearly a moron, not putting a date on it. Unless it was some commentary, like “last night, just as every night, the goyim oppressed us.”

Anyway, that text, combined with the hipsters, reminded me of the song. You know the song. Come on.

Don’t act like I’m a fag for remembering it.

Honestly, I don’t think I can look at hipsters at all and not remember that song. Especially not Brooklyn hipsters.

Honestly, I’m listening to it now, and it’s not that bad. He’s got a Joe Camel shirt on, which I think is illegal. The Mommies in Charge killed Joe Camel, but they’re not gonna kill me.

I don’t even think I should be embarrassed by this. Look, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m backtracking totally. The Strokes are cool. They’re cooler than the Killers, I can tell you that. They’d be a lot cooler if their frontman was a drunken Irishmen who would fall over on stage and then spit on people who tried to help him up, screaming “get off me, ya fucking faggots, I can get myself up. I’m fine.” But the Spanish frontman of the Strokes is cool. I mean, Joe Camel. Come on. There’s nothing cooler, ever, in all of human history.

You’d better pick it up, bro. It’s a full, smooth, satisfying flavor.

Hey, by the way, I’ve been meaning to say this for months: please acquire as much Joe Camel merchandise as possible, and save it for me until after the revolution. When I buy the New York Times Building (41 Park Row, not the abomination), I’m putting a Joe Camel museum on the ground floor, next to the annoyingly and purposefully tacky Happy Days style 1950s diner (Weezer will perform at the opening).

We’re going to be smoking at the Stormer Manhattan HQ, including in the elevators. We’re putting Joe Camel-themed cigarette machines inside of the elevators.

I’m not joking.


*You people say you want edgy. Everything is fine when I’m talking about Jewish lampshades, but I start talking about semen snot bubbles and everybody loses their minds.

I have to talk about semen snot bubbles. That is the only possible way to communicate the way these people who are going out there and shilling for the Jews are debasing themselves.

People wince. Particularly, I feel bad for older readers. But I have to do it. I don’t have any choice. Robby Starbuck absolutely would engage in this homosexual act with a rabbi – and it would not even be 1/6,000,000th as debasing as what he is doing on Twitter, shilling for these Jews.

These are the people who claim to be fighting for you throwing you on a Jewish sacrificial altar to have your blood drained to make their matzo bread. There is nothing more evil in the universe than a person who claims to be fighting for righteousness who purposefully leads the people into the thing most abominable before the Lord.

These people claim to be Christians, then they tell Christians that it is their duty to mass murder children in support of the people who killed Christ.

I’ll say it, for the first time ever: this is worse than child trannies.

Short of total repentance (there is always time!), Robby Starbuck is going to Hell forever for these crimes he’s committing. We pray for you, Robby. You were born with a soul like everyone else, and you chose to turn it over to Satan in exchange for money and TV appearances. But as long as you’re alive, you can always take your soul back. Satan doesn’t get to keep it until you die. After you die, it will belong to him for eternity, and that is not going to be pleasant.

**You people don’t understand what it feels like to be me. I am observing human beings like an alien would. I only understand most of the behaviors of the humans through observation, but this gives me a better understanding than the humans themselves are capable of ever grasping. I do my best to share the understanding with whichever humans are interested.


I know that mixing Christian evangelism with uber-edge is jarring. It’s supposed to be. The contrast sharpens the edge (and that’s without mentioning the fact that “genuine Christian messaging” is sharp as any razor at this point in history).

We are comparing and contrasting the love of Jesus with the cruelty of Satan. Satan drives people into total human debasement, homosexual acts or metaphorical homosexual acts, in exchange for shiny trinkets. Jesus offers eternal life in the presence of God’s full glory in exchange for embracing the struggle, loving the suffering, picking up your Cross and marching into battle.

The Bible too describes the sin of Sodom, saying it is the foulest act, a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

It also uses “sin of Sodom” to metaphorically define other sins as “being as bad as gay stuff” – from the prophet Ezekiel:

What Robby Starbuck is doing, while a fair metaphor for the sin of Sodom, is worse than the literal sin of Sodom. The sin of Sodom is committed against your own body, and against the body of the man you are sodomizing or being sodomized by. I guess that’s often multiple men, but Robby Starbuck has violated and dehumanized… let’s check…

…he’s dehumanizing 1.5 million people with his evil lies. He’s pied-piping these retards on a march to Hell.

Note: I don’t actually know for a fact that this is a worse sin than gay sex. We would have to ask a priest to be sure about that. But I think it is. I just want to make sure I’m not editorializing the Word of God here, because that’s very bad. I am 90% sure that leading millions of people into Hell on purpose is a worse sin than anal, according to scriptures, but I need to note that I am not a priest and do not have the actual answer to that question.

Regardless, I can say as a matter of fact that both result in eternal damnation if you do them and do not repent. Repentances before the Lord, and the blood of Christ, are the only things that can save a Jew-sucking kike-lover.

They killed Jesus, okay? These people literally tortured God to death. You can’t ever side with them, ever.