The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2019

This week, James Allsup and several others from the Good Optics side of the right-wing were banned from YouTube. Allsup had nearly half a million subscribers, and was simply dropped, without explanation.

YouTube and Twitter have recently put an absolute and categorical ban on anyone who dares to disagree with the US State Department’s brutal revolutionary agenda in Hong Kong.

8chan is still offline, and probably will be forever, because no one will give them a CDN or register their domain.

The censorship war is over. We lost.

You are Living Through the Final Days of the Internet

Clearly, we are dealing with the Anti-Defamation League and their ongoing push to remove all truth from the internet. But we are also dealing with the very real political agenda of Jews and non-Jews alike in Silicon Valley, and their desire to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election. These two parallel agendas are coming together to create the ultimate clampdown.

Donald Trump has whined about this, which is more than nothing – but not much more. He is apparently planning to send down an executive order, but it is far from clear what this would actually do, and it is likely that it wouldn’t do anything.

It would be possible for Trump to simply tell the FCC to tell these companies to be neutral with the way they deal with content, in the same way Barack Obama told the FCC to tell broadband carriers that they couldn’t charge for bandwidth, something which he called “neutrality.” However, Obama’s “Net Neutrality” directive had to be approved by courts, and right now, if a content neutrality policy were to be filed by the FCC, it would almost certainly be shot down by the courts. In order for such a policy to be upheld, there would have to be legal precedent in the form of court cases where it was ruled that large internet monopolies are “the public square” and thus subject to the First Amendment. And the Supreme Court just ruled in June that these companies have a right to censor whoever they want.

Antitrust attacks on these companies are almost certainly going to fail, because they are just too powerful and antitrust too weak in the post-Reagan era. Removing CDA Section 230 protections is probably equally pointless, and in the best case scenario would just cost these companies a bunch of money in fines until a new law would be passed to shield them.

So basically, there is no solution to this problem.

It could have been solved by Congress when both Houses were controlled by the Republicans, but it couldn’t be solved that way now, because no Democrat is going to vote for free speech. Probably, it couldn’t have been solved even when the GOP was in charge, because so many Republicans are on the payroll of these tech companies, and even if they’re not, they’re on the payroll of the Jewish activist groups which want the internet locked down.

There is zero will among the public to express any form of outrage over the fact that these companies are stripping us of our First Amendment rights. They are now able to ban people with absolute impunity, and a good portion of those being banned are celebrating the rights of these companies to ban them. Because you losing your Constitutional freedoms is necessary to preserve the libertarian freedoms of multinational mega-corporations.

All of Conservatism, Inc. has been consistently opposed to free speech existing on the internet, and is pumping anti-speech propaganda into the brains of the silly goyim. The National Review, The Cato Institute and every other mainstay of the conservative movement has come out aggressively against free speech on the internet, claiming that nothing should ever be regulated by the government and that the government does not have a responsibility to protect people’s Constitutional rights.

This is to say: you don’t even have a unified front among those that are being censored, and the ones benefiting from the censorship certainly aren’t going to oppose it. So there is no outrage, there is no political will to change anything, and it just is what it is and we are where we are.

We had a good run. The internet was a fun place.

But it’s dead.

Before the election, all right-wing content is going to be completely banned from all social media. They will make an exception for wignats and fednats telling the unhinged and the autistic to vote Democrat to own the libs, but even total normiecore rightists are going to be banned if they support Trump.

We are also going to see more of what happened to and 8chan, with these companies colluding to take entire websites off the internet. Right now, there aren’t very many websites like this, as most content creators have gone all in on these mega-platforms, and when they get banned it’s just over for them. I think there’s a chance they might shut down, and maybe even 4chan. If a lot of people were switching over to watch BitChute and the people in charge there refused to do the bidding of the ADL, they will shut it down.

Furthermore, we are going to see more people moving to set up their own sites after having been banned from these platforms, and just as they do so, the censorship machine will move to shut them down.

Proof of concept took place in 2017, when Cloudflare banned the Daily Stormer and every single registrar in the world refused to register it. Then earlier this month, the same thing happened to 8chan. There are absolutely no safeguards there to stop this from happening to anyone, if the media and a mob on Twitter say that someone is evil.

The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet

Just as this is all falling apart, we have the emergence of a new internet in the form of Tor, which is known also as “The Darkweb” and “The Pedoweb.” This is a secret, hidden internet, where websites can be accessed through a series of secret veils.

It cannot be shut down and it cannot be censored.

So what we are entering into is a situation more or less identical to what we had in the late 90s up through the early 10s, where you had the majority of the people getting their information from the television or newspapers, which were totally controlled by Jews, while a minority was accessing free information on the internet.

This new censored internet the Jews are creating through their brutal censorship campaigns is going to be exactly equivalent to TV, where the entire narrative is completely controlled. But a minority of people will be accessing real information on Tor.

Get on Tor – Now

Please understand: this is not some far away thing. Right now, the Daily Stormer BBS is only on Tor, because where we are now, it is very hard to keep anything on the clearnet, due to the limited amount of companies that are willing to break ranks with the collusion conspiracy and provide us with services.

At any point, the Daily Stormer could end up entirely restricted to Tor. This briefly happened earlier this month when we had a backlash from the 8chan banning.

And in the future, it is going to be a lot more than just the Stormer restricted to Tor.

The good news is, accessing the entire Tor network is very easy.

All you have to do is simply download Tor Browser. You open it like any other browser, and type in our Tor address.


You can also use Brave Browser, which allows you to open a private window with Tor in the same way that you open a private window in any other browser.

I support using Brave for all web browsing. Chrome is basically spyware, and Firefox is broken. So Brave should be used as a default browser. However, I use Tor Browser for my main Tor browsing, because it allows me to keep cookies, forms, history, etc.

So, install both of them on your computer.

For your android phone, you need Orbot, which you turn on and run in the background. Then you need to run Brave for Android, and navigate to the desired address. With iPhone, it is still slow. But the app TOR VPN works well for simply reading sites. It is much more difficult to post on a forum with this app, however.

Don’t Be Down in the Dumps, Champ

It does suck.

Really, really, it sucks.

But there was no way these Jews were going to let the internet go on as it was. This situation we are in now was bound to happen.

But Tor development is going to move fast, as soon as the pressure really gets put on. It’s already moving fast. I’ve been on it for two years now, and it’s 5 times the speed it was when I first got on it.

It’s sad to be so powerless and just be robbed of freedoms like this. But there is literally nothing we can do.

Just have to roll with it.

And we should be thankful that God provided us with this way to continue on in our work via Tor.