The Jewish Manipulation of Our Language

Scott Roberts
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2013

derogatory [dɪˈrɒgətərɪ -trɪ]


tending or intended to detract, disparage, or belittle; intentionally offensive

Definitely not racial.
Definitely not racial.

As we all know by now, the Jews control the narrative.  It doesn’t matter how far they stray from reality, most people will follow right along blindly with this twisted version of things (I refer to this alternative reality as the “Jewtrix”).  They have the “Goyim” convinced that bad is good, wrong is right, Jews are always innocent, and anyone who dares to speak about them or against their -genocidal- agenda is an “antisemitic hater from hell.”  It only makes sense for them to deceive everyone on such an extreme level, since if the truth of what they are doing were to be known by the average man, they would be given no quarter.  Therefore deceit is second nature to them, as it is a means of their survival at this point (they have pushed too far to turn back now).  Censorship is a Jewish necessity as well, as they are desperate to keep that “antisemitic” truth contained to but a small percentage of the -slave- population.  I could go on, but a basic outline is all that is required to lead into the main point of this piece.

Most of the arguments we use to expose the Jews rely on “common sense” points, supported by well documented facts, where the overall agenda can be derived/decoded from some simple deductive logic.  Their angles are obvious, their agenda is clear, and their distorted tales are so far-fetched that one is left only to scratch his own head in bewilderment as to why it took him so long to wake up to it all.

Case in point: the subtle hypocrisies they try to slip by us every single day. It’s all right there in our face, but they have rewritten history in such a way as to “justify” the double standards and blatant anti-White racism that permeates mainstream culture and the politically correct dogma of the day.  These words might seem meaningless to you.  You might even suggest that I am being “petty” for taking notice of them at all.  However, the intent is clear and these Jews know exactly what they are doing.

It started off as a “joke”. Haha, hehe, “White men can’t jump,” nor can we satisfy a woman or fight (etc).  Basically we are never represented in the media as being manly men.  Quite the opposite in fact.  And even when we destroy their fabricated stereotypes, they simply conceal it from the public eye.  Case in point: do you ever hear of THE most dominant heavy weight boxers in the history of the sport?  Of course not, despite the fact that this reign of dominance by the Klitchko Brothers is still ongoing.  Does that seem like a “petty point” to you?  Well, all one has to ask himself is “what if they were Black?” to know that the Jew media would have them all over the TV and big-screen and that the name “Klitchko” itself would be synonymous with “bad ass” (like “Tyson” or “Ali”).  Why?  Because it fits into their agenda of promoting and empowering non-Whites, while ridiculing and belittling Whites in any way they can.

You’ll hear the Charles Barkley’s of the world joking all the time about “White BOYS” being “poor athletes,” but if a White man called a Black man a “BOY” or suggested that Blacks were inferior when it comes to ANYTHING, then the Jew media would pounce (he’d be fired and apologizing like the little coward that the Jews have made him out to be).  As a matter of fact, a White guy can’t talk about racial differences at all, unless he is putting down his own race or singing the praises of Blacks for being “athletic gods” or Jews for being “intellectual giants.” But I digress.  I really could go on and on with one example after the other, but I am sure you all recognize this type of hypocrisy each time you witness it unfold.  If you haven’t yet, then open your eyes – it’s all around you.

So onto the main point of this article: what does or does not qualify as being derogatory language in this Jew-controlled society?

A simple answer to that question is that it all depends on which side of the Jewish agenda it falls on.  As a recent article on CNN pointed out, the only 3 words that should never be spoken are “Nigger,” “Cunt” and “Faggot” (according to them, all other curse words are “common” now, since we have been desensitized to them from their repeated use in the mainstream media). That pretty much covers all three of their primary bases.  For what’s more important to them than destroying our families, feminizing our men, and empowering their non-White WMD’s against us?  Thus, whether or not an adjective positively or negatively defines a White heterosexual male will determine whether or not society defines it as being “derogatory” in nature.

Now, as you all certainly know (thanks to Wolf Blitzer, along with a host of other Jewish and Black media “experts”) “‘cracker’ is not a derogatory word.”  I’m not sure how it fails to fit the above definition of the word (“intended to detract, disparage, or belittle; intentionally offensive”), but somehow they have convinced the sheeple that it is “not derogatory/offensive.”  No matter how offensive the person who angrily spits it out through his teeth intended for it to be (just before he and his ten “youthful” friends beat the consciousness out of you … at which point they proceed to beat on your lifeless body), “cracker” is not the same as “nigger,” due to some false history the Jews have taught us and some BS about “Blacks being incapable of racism since they have no power.”  Well, Whites don’t have the power either, and in fact those who do have the power wield it openly and aggressively against us (they don’t even bother hiding it these days).  A group of 10 “youths” (oftentimes being 6’4 seasoned fighters) certainly has the power over one unarmed White man, or, as is often the case, one White woman.  Who would argue otherwise, other than a Black thug or a Jew?

And now these bastards not only continue to conceal the epidemic of Black on White violence, but they want to disarm us as well.

Fact is, most Whites will not even quote someone who used the dreaded “n-word” (you don’t hear Blacks tip-toeing around quoting the “c-word”), so they are certainly not going around calling Black people niggers openly (no, not even behind closed doors).  Yet “cracker,” “honkey,” “White trash,” “trailer trash,” “hillbilly,” “redneck,” “peckerwood” and an assortment of other race-based terms are spoken in jest or in anger without so much as a peep from the PC police.  And I know, sometimes we refer to ourselves as being “rednecks,” but the same can be said about Blacks and the word “nigger.”  We mean it one way, whereas they are clearly using it in a derogatory fashion in an attempt to belittle us.  The intent is what counts, and if it is intended to be “disparaging, belittling or intentionally offensive,” then it is in fact a derogatory term.  Who could -reasonably- argue to the contrary?

Blacks (and non-Whites in general) have been given a free pass by the Jews to belittle the White man at any and every opportunity.  Their racist hypocrisy knows no bounds.  I mean, they still portray us as being the “racists,” as they call us every truly racist name in the book (one might say: “that peckerwood-hillbilly-redneck-cracker is such a racist”).  How obvious must they make their hypocrisies before the White masses wake up to them?  Once more, the Jews have created a hostile environment towards Whites (specifically White males), in a very subtle manner, over the last few decades.

What is socially acceptable in the mainstream today, George Jefferson couldn’t have gotten away with in the 1970’s (though he certainly pushed the envelope, at the behest of his Jew writers and directors, quite far at the time).  So now, here we are at a point where teenagers and 20 somethings do not even bat an eye when they are called “cracker” or any of the derogatory terms meant to belittle them, which are freely spoken by comedians, athletes, actors, anchormen, “historians,” or their classmates.  You see examples of this every single day.  Not just on the news, but in cartoons, movies, textbooks, and the mindless entertainment on TV.  More often than not they interject their (anti-White) propaganda disguised as comedy, or simply a passing comment, that to the layman holds no real meaning.  It is repeated so often that people just accept not only the double-standards, but they accept these insults as being factual (a foregone conclusion, once all of the derogatory terms are accepted by the White masses).  They view themselves and other Whites as being all that the Jew media tells them they are.

Words are weapons.
Words are weapons.

Just one of countless examples: I was channel surfing last night (yes, I still watch some TV, just to see how far the Jews are taking their propaganda these days), and I came across another “reality” TV show (“Storage Wars,” of all things).  There is no real political angle in the show, it’s just a bunch of Jews buying old storage bins, but I happened to stop there as the Jew Barry Weiss shouted out “KRAUT” to the German guy who just outbid him.  I know, it seems subtle.  And this is far from being the most blatant example of their hypocrisy, but it was the most recent.  Hardly worth mentioning at all, right?  But that only underlines my point.  It is open-season on Whites.  They can openly ridicule us, based on our race, yet we are not even allowed to speak along racial lines at all, let alone call someone a derogatory name based on their race.  The true litmus test is to simply reverse the roles and ask yourself “what would have happened if this German guy were to have called out to Barry Weiss ‘KIKE,'” in ANY context, joking or not?  I think you all know the answer.

Now, we could/should get mad at all of the hypocrites we encounter along the way: the thugs in the street, the newscaster who is pushing the narrative, the actors in the movies, or even our hypocritical non-White “friends”; but the main thing we need to take away from this is that the Jews are deliberately driving societal norms towards creating an environment where, not only does everyone openly hate White people, but where White people hate themselves just as much.  These subconscious messages are having a very damaging effect on our collective psyche, just as they were intended to.  And it is all a means to an end for our racial adversaries: OUR end.  For, if they did not beat us down into submission on this subconscious level, they could have never convinced us to support government policies against us, to submit to the mass murdering thugs they brought into our neighborhoods, or to sit back and do nothing as they rape our women, poison our children, and push us that much closer to crossing the demographic threshold from which there shall be no return.

We are now who they told us we were.  They have defined our race and our culture, and they have rewritten our past.  Our self-identity is now based on the false “history” they teach us, the lies about “everyone being the same” (unless they are pointing out how inferior we are), the power we are said to have (if you still think Whites are in charge, then you truly are blind), and the subtle words they slip into every conversation, newscast, “reality” TV show, textbook, movie and comedy skit.

Words are in fact a weapon, and they have been used against us so effectively that most of us don’t even realize it. In fact, we laugh right along with them, when the joke is and always has been on us.