I Wonder Why She Decided to Have Sex with Other Men???

This guy is really just more honest about his situation than most men.

This is an article from News.com.au that was reposted at the New York Post:

Layla Kelly has revealed the particular reason she’s decided to have sex with men who aren’t her husband.

Kelly, 33, said the couple have come to the conclusion that it is acceptable for her to sleep with other men but only if she’s using it for content for her wildly successful OnlyFans account.

“Recently we had a discussion and decided that sleeping with other men was the next logical step to take my content to a new level, and he’s super cool with it,” she said.

Kelly and her husband have been together for almost two decades, and she said that means he has become “secure” in their relationship.

Layla Kelly and her husband.

The pair have only opened up their relationship for content purposes only, so that means it gets filmed.

Kelly actually slept with her first partner on a recent nine-day working trip to Australia and she opted for someone entirely different to her husband’s physical appearance to give her audience more variety.

The creator said her husband took it on the chin and there was “no jealously” from him but she checked in to make sure he was comfortable before she went through with it.

He loves watching the content I make with others. He enjoys it. I’m so grateful of his support,” She said.

Yeah, it’s – I don’t know what I’m supposed to write here.

This is just the way women act. There’s no way around it. You would have to restrict them, and no one wants to do that.

So this is what you get.

Layla Kelly and a “business partner.”