The New York Times’ Bakhmut Coverage is Wild

Over the weekend, the last remaining soldiers were dramatically pushed out of “Bakhmut,” with the Russian and Wagner flags being raised on the last mid-rise tower they’d occupied.

Beyond them was nothing but fields as far as the eye could see.

The battle had completely ended after tens of thousands of Ukrainians lost their lives fighting for a city that Zelensky and the Americans knew six months ago couldn’t possibly hold.

This is the New York Times headline:

That was Saturday.

Can you even begin to imagine the nerve of these people?

This is beyond anything Pravda would have published at the height of World War II.

I read media bullshit every single day, and my jaw dropped.

This war has become extremely consequential for Americans, and yet, Americans are effectively banned from knowing anything about it.

We get ridiculous slogans. Then when Russia wins the single most consequential victory of the war, the media lies about it in a ridiculous manner.

Check the CNN timeline:

It was always just like, symbolic, mannnnnnnn.


Yeah, dude.