Zelensky Tells G7 Destruction of “Bakhmut” Just Like Nuking of Hiroshima


There is some confusion, but it seems Zelensky is backing off claims that he still has people fighting in Bakhmut.

This was apparently later in the day, after he’d made the absurd claim he was still in control of the city.

Apparently, someone told him how ridiculous that looked.

(It’s also possible he just didn’t know about the Wagner flag raising ceremony on the last mid-rise. He’s not exactly on the ball. On the 8 ball, perhaps.)

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This language is certainly not going to win him any points with the Japanese.

The Japanese have gotten themselves into a conundrum. They are occupied by the US, and they’ve made all these deals, and their economy is obviously inextricably linked to the US economy.

At the same time, outside of the dynamics of being a US vassal, their relationship with China has never been better. They used to invade China because the Emperors would demand tribute in exchange for allowing them into Chinese trade markets, and, believe it or not, the Japanese were once a people so proud they refused to pay tribute to anyone.

Now, Japan and China have a free trade agreement which solves that problem. If you want to move your factories to China – and the majority of Japan’s factories are in China – Emperor Xi is not going to ask for tribute.

Zelensky making a mockery of the single most humiliating event in all of Japanese history is not going to go over well at all.


Leaders of the world’s richest democracies said on Sunday they would not back down from supporting Ukraine, in a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin as he claimed to have taken the eastern city of Bakhmut, something Kyiv denied.

The Group of Seven (G7) summit in the Japanese city of Hiroshima took a dramatic turn this weekend with the arrival of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who flew in on a French government plane to canvass for greater support against Russia’s invasion.

Zelenskiy, who earlier laid flowers at the cenotaph to victims of the world’s first atomic bombing of a city, said photographs of Hiroshima’s destruction during World War Two reminded him of Bakhmut and other destroyed Ukrainian cities.

He also told a press conference there were still soldiers in Bakhmut and the city had not been captured by Russia.


What is the point of saying this??

The show’s over, dude.

And in a few days, no one will be able to deny that. I don’t really think anyone can deny it now, but Zelensky is denying it, and making himself look like a delusional liar.

Earlier, he told reporters on the sidelines of the summit that the battered eastern city, the focus of fighting in recent months, was destroyed.

“It is tragedy,” Zelenskiy said. “There is nothing on this place” – what remained was “a lot of dead Russians.”

Also a lie.

Unless he’s referring to the fact that he is sending primarily (or even exclusively) Russian-speaking boys to die hopelessly in Bakhmut. In which case, that statement would be very correct.

Note: If you watch any of the press-ganging videos of the police and military forcibly grabbing teen boys away from their mothers to go die in Bakhmut, you notice that they are all Russian-speakers.

Most people probably can’t tell the difference between Russian and Ukrainian, but I’ve watched a lot of the press-gang videos, and the boys are always speaking Russian.

During the final day of the three-day G7 summit, U.S. President Joe Biden announced a $375 million package of military aid, including artillery and armoured vehicles, for Ukraine.

He told Zelenskiy the United States was doing all it could to strengthen Ukraine’s defence against Russia.

Together with the entire G7 we have Ukraine’s back and I promise we’re not going anywhere,” Biden said.

Yes, it was all lovey-dovey.

A truly repulsive display.

But remember: this is all on America.

The only reason that the Europeans have such horrible leaders is that their politics are de facto run by the United States. They are vassals.

In Germany, the US effectively instituted laws that if you disagree with US policy, you can’t run the government. The meddling in the rest of Europe is slightly more subtle. But the whole thing is just a US territory, and NATO and G7 and all of these other globalist groups are just American groups set up to order around their pawns, while making it look like there is a “consensus among rich democracies.”

The entire situation is transparently ridiculous.

The Americans are the aggressors in the Ukraine as they are the aggressors everywhere else.