The Other Sex Jihad: Tunisian Girls Going to Syria to Have Sex with Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2013

When we talk about sex Jihad, we are usually talking about the thousands of women raped every year in Europe (and America) by the invading Muslim hordes, who, as Arab Extremist Mark Glenn has explained, commit acts of brutal violence against White people as a form of political statement.

In Syria, though the US-backed terrorists are definitely raping all they can, it has been revealed that another form of sexual Jihad sexual Jihad is taking place – female sexual Jihad.

Hundreds of Tunisian girls, ordered by the Muslim clergy (much of whom believe this is a valid form of supporting the terrorist overthrow of the Assad regime), have been flooding the ‘rebel’-controlled north of Syria to offer their dark flesh to Obama’s brave freedom-fighters.

You thought Muslim sex Jihad always  looked like this:

Linda, gang-raped by Muslims.
Linda, gang-raped by Muslims.

But it can also look like this:

Arab hooker.
Arab hooker.

Apparently, Sunni clerics routinely announce ‘fatwas’ for women to perform sex acts on men engaged in Jihad on the internet.  A Tunisian newspaper reported that a man going to Syria to fight against the Assad regime divorced his wife beforehand, and brought her with him so she could have sex with dozens of the other foreign terrorists fighting in that country.

Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi ben Jeddou has said he is against this and trying to stop in, claiming to have stopped ‘six thousand girls’ who were attempting to escape the country for a romantic adventure in Syria.

If the case of Rahmah, a 17-year-old Tunisian girl who’s parents complained on social media after she escaped to Syria to be a whore for Allah, can be taken as any measure, these girls are sluts first and Jihadists second; Rahmah’s parents said she wasn’t even religious, and just liked the idea.

Many of the girls are now returning pregnant, with no idea who the father is.

The phenomenon of sending girls to be whores for Allah can be placed alongside the cannibalism, forced conversion of Christians, murder of Children, execution of the unarmed, and so on, as we seek to understand the character of Obama’s foreigners in Syria.