The Path to Power

Western Spring
July 18, 2014

Oswald Mosely

For more than a century, British nationalists have believed themselves to be the vanguard of a resurgent national spirit that had somehow become dulled and dormant through comfort and complacency, but which remained latent, still potent, and ready to be revived once the clarion call was sounded, heralding a new ‘golden age’.

During the early part of the last century there was cause to believe that this self-image was correct and it allowed the folly of the ‘brothers wars’ to take place in which White nations pitted themselves against their racial brothers in two shamefully bloody episodes of mutual destruction. We were fooled into thinking that we had time to give ‘Johnny foreigner’ a bloody nose and still get back to the business of sorting our own people out before it was too late.

The reality however was that our internal enemies had been burrowing into every organ of the body politic, both here and in all other European countries for centuries before we even noticed anything was wrong, and following the blood letting of the two World Wars, our nations were too weak and our traditional leadership class were unable to prevent their eclipse by a new breed of overseer.

During the early post-war period, great ‘hurrahs’ swept across the nation as the common people, weary of war and grateful for peace, were willingly duped into believing that mankind had taken a giant step forward, ridding ourselves of the menace of ‘alien domination’. What that generation failed to appreciate however, was that our nations were no longer fleet of foot and athletic in making progress, but like condemned prisoners, shuffling painfully forwards on our knees towards our impending annihilation.

The ‘Fifties’, passed into the ‘Sixties’, the ‘Seventies’ and the ‘Eighties’, and by the ‘Nineties’, when the true scope and extent of the racial obliteration that was planned for us became clear to all, many nationalists still clung to the belief that all we need do was to get our message out to an eager British public and the old patriotism of the war years would re-assert itself once more.

John Tyndall

We threw ourselves into electioneering and despite the withering hail of denigration and abuse that was hurled at us by the media, despite the open discrimination practiced against us by those in authority, despite the state sponsored gangs of thugs and the disruptive campaigns of the secret police and the gerrymandering of elections, we still believed that if only we worked hard enough, and made sufficient personal sacrifices, it was still possible that one day we might win a general election, and ‘good as gold’ the existing political establishment would hand us the keys to Number 10, and let us form a nationalist government. But we were deluding ourselves.

Firstly, we must realise that at every level and within every facet of national life, the socio-political environment has been thoroughly poisoned against nationalism and the values that underpin nationalism and every public institution is now charged with the duty to actively root out every last vestige of racial consciousness found in our people.

This has not happened naturally and it has not happened by accident, but it has happened as a result of a carefully and painstakingly constructed totalitarian regime that exists not just in this country, but across most of the White Western World, across most of the nations designated by the global New World Order for eradication.

Richard Edmonds

So hostile is Western society to our aims, beliefs and values, that while the scope still theoretically exists for a nationalist political party to win power through electioneering, any realistic possibility of that happening currently no longer exists. The balance between providing a semblance of ‘democracy’ while ensuring a rate of attrition within the ranks nationalist political parties, through establishment hostility, social opprobrium and dirty tricks, such that nationalist parties are unable to make lasting progress, is so finely tuned that electioneering as the primary means by which we might hope to achieve power is now a forlorn hope.

If by some miracle of circumstances a nationalist party found itself making great electoral advances and at the end of a bitterly contested general election campaign looked likely to win, it is probable that the political establishment would take extra-ordinary steps to prevent a nationalist government from taking office.

During such a closely run election campaign there would be claims by ethnic minority communities that they have been subjected to racist violence and intimidation. They would call for elections in closely contested constituencies to be declared null and void pending investigation by United Nations observers, and there would be rioting and violence perpetrated by ethnic minority gangs in the hope that by inciting retaliation from the indigenous British, they could provide the pretext for military ‘peace-keeping’ intervention by United Nations forces and the effective military occupation of Britain.

State-of-Emergency-1 (1)
Rioting and violence may be perpetrated by ethnic minority gangs in the hope of inciting retaliation from the indigenous British.

The secret police in this country would similarly claim that they have evidence of involvement by senior members of the nationalist party in acts of terrorism and in planning the genocide of ethnic minorities following a transfer of power and they would intervene, using anti-terrorist legislation to arrest and detain without trial, large numbers of the activists, candidates and officers of the nationalist party.

On the morning following such a general election fiasco, the pre-existing LibLabCon government would remain in power. They would declare a state of emergency and declare that the general election result ostensibly showing a nationalist majority is null and void. Furthermore during the aftermath there would be a security clampdown on all known nationalist activists, following which, fresh elections would be held, which the LibLabCon would win, because most of the nationalist candidates and activists would be held in detention and their party organisation completely disrupted.

Why do I believe this scenario would take place?

Because the leaders of our political establishment have not just inadvertently presided over a calamitous decline in our nation’s fortunes and the flooding of our country by alien peoples, this destruction of our nation and this disregard for the well-being and survival of our people and our culture has been planned by them.

The secret police may claim they have intelligence to show that Nationalists were plotting terrorist acts.

They are not unwitting participants in an act of national folly, they are the devious and determined planners of treason against their own people and they know that if we ever regain control of our own country, they will face not just personal disgrace, but after due legal process, long prison sentences and in some cases the hangman’s rope.

The leaders of our current political establishment are therefore not going to readily agree to a transfer of political power and will use every means at their disposal to prevent it – constitutional or otherwise – unless they have no other option and it is forced upon them.

Are we at Western Spring therefore planning a violent revolution in which we hope to come to power through the force of arms?

No, we are not. But what a realisation of the above means is that our rise to power will be a long and difficult journey that will involve much planning, much manoeuvring and great determination and while we will always seek to achieve our aims by legitimate and constitutional means – employing the ballot box as the principle means – we must from the very outset employ extra-parliamentary strategies and tactics in the pursuit of our goal, so that when the time comes, we will have more than just boxes full of ballot papers with which to force the issue and press home our case.

In further articles I will demonstrate why the Six Prerequisites that I have spoken of before are so very vital to our success and I will describe the mechanism by which political power can be achieved if all good nationalists will but rally to our cause.

Finally they may call for military ‘peace-keeping’ intervention by United Nations forces and then a military occupation of Britain.