The Plot Thickens: TPUSA is Being Bankrolled by Scientologist Conspiracy Kook!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA, an alleged conservative action group currently embroiled in a scandal involving anal sex and the USS Liberty, just keeps getting weirder and more suspect. Apparently, the group enlisted the services of a cult to, presumably, learn how to make their cult run more smoothly.

A Buzzfeed article from earlier this year chronicles TPUSA’s failed attempt to create a UK chapter. If you can read between the gloating and the soy, there is interesting information to be gleaned about who runs TPUSA and for what purpose.

Apparently, there’s some Scientologist money slushing around in their war chest.

Buzzfeed (February 8, 2019):

Another person who is involved with the group is John Mappin, a 54-year-old hotelier who has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest boosters in the UK. Mappin, who owns the Camelot Castle hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, wrote to Trump during the 2016 presidential election campaign awarding Trump an “honorary knighthood”. He claims to have won £110,000 betting that Trump would be elected and to have been the third Briton to have a personal meeting with the new president behind Farage and Theresa May.

Mappin is a Scientologist who produces digital videos at his castle under the banner of the “Camelot TV Network.” On social media, he posts about his admiration for Trump, the benefits of the “superpower technology” developed by Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, and the dangers of socialism, the “fake” news media, vaccines, and psychiatry.

In one Facebook post last year, Mappin linked to a YouTube video which promoted a conspiracy theory that has taken hold on the most extreme fringes of the American right, known as QAnon. The video argued that presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were part of a vast criminal cabal that has secretly taken control of the US government. He had just returned from a trip to Washington, Mappin told his Facebook followers, where he met contacts at the highest levels of the US military and government with one question in mind: “WHAT IS THE REAL VALIDITY OF Q.”

“The answer that I received and and [sic] the subsequent data that I was given was among the most eye opening I have ever received and of course much of it I cannot get into here,” Mappin wrote. “However you can know this:

“Q IS 100% VALID.”

So he’s a weirdo grifter that funds TPUSA and promotes QAnon to his followers. Would it be a stretch to say that he saw the cult-like devotion of QAnon followers and realized that the MAGA movement was fertile recruiting ground if he payed off the gate-keepers like Charlie Kirk?

Rhetorical. What other reason would Scientologists have for getting involved with TPUSA?

Long story short, there are some very questionable personalities involved with TPUSA. But one thing that they can all agree on is defending the Jews from any and all criticism.

Even in the UK – a country that still has a lingering anti-Zionist element to their politics, like most of Europe.

Addressing the gathered crowd of fringe weirdos that TPUSA managed to scrape off the tile of a gay disco bathroom, Charlie Kirk made sure to tell them that they were there to fight for Israel:

Kirk told the gathering they would unashamedly stand up for “Western values” — “All men are created equal but not all cultures are created equal” — and indicated that Jeremy Corbyn would be a focus of their campaign. They aimed to explode the idea that the Labour leader is more in tune with the views of young voters, and in doing so won’t pull any punches in describing Corbyn as anti-Semitic, Kirk told the audience.

“Every day, please, just say, ‘Oh, you mean the anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn?’” Kirk said. “Just say it in every single pattern of the language and sentence.”

Owens suggested that Trump, if he were involved in British politics, would have demolished Corbyn as a political opponent by giving the Labour leader a nickname similar to those he gave Hillary Clinton (“Crooked Hillary”) and Ted Cruz (“Lyin’ Ted”).

“Like ‘Jew-hater Jeremy,’” Kirk interjected.

“Jew-Hater Jeremy” sounds unironically based even though he’s a Sharia Communist.

Damn you, Charlie Kirk, for making me think that Jeremy Corbyn is cool by sounding so cringe in comparison.

Say what you will about “Jew-Hater Jeremy,” but he sounds infinitely better than “Kike-Lover Kirk.”