The Science Says Feminists Don’t Hate Men After All


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Thanks, The Science!

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Feminists are not “man haters,” a comprehensive new study reveals. Researchers find feminists and non-feminists display no difference in attitude towards men, debunking the common myth that the feminists dislike men.

In the most extensive study of its kind, an international team of researchers led by Dr. Aífe Hopkins-Doyle from the University of Surrey engaged nearly 10,000 participants to investigate the accuracy of the stereotype that feminists harbor negative attitudes towards men. Feminism is defined as a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression and to achieve gender equality in law and practice. This study was published in the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Dr. Aífe Hopkins-Doyle, lecturer in social psychology at the University of Surrey, said, “For decades the feminist movement has been dogged by the perception that it is ‘anti-men’ and that feminists ‘hate men.’ This ‘misandry myth’ has been used to delegitimize and discredit the movement and has deterred women from joining it, and motivated men to oppose it—sometimes with violence.

Dr. Aífe Hopkins-Doyle, woman of The Science

“Feminism has achieved many impressive advances for women and girls, as well as for men and boys, so understanding whether there is any accuracy to the ‘anti-men’ stereotype is important for public debate. People should be forming opinions based on accurate information rather than inaccurate myths and opinions. Across many different groups of people, methods, and national contexts, and using meta-analysis of all our data we found very little evidence for the misandry myth that feminists hold negative attitudes toward men.”

If there was any truth here, it would simply be that women who do not identify as feminists (because it seems low status to them for various reasons) hold the same views as feminists. That actually is true.

But the thing that matters is that these social revolutions, involving changing the roles of women in society, have led to extremely bad attitudes among women.

Leave those tired stereotypes behind, and one of these might be your next girlfriend

You can go to Mexico or Central America and talk to women. They do not harbor this anger that modern women harbor. They have their own problems, but they are not fixated on the idea that they can “do anything men can do.” That is probably because they recognize that there are things that they can do that men can’t do, and they focus on those things.

For example, while women are very bad at working at jobs, they are very good at fleecing a man of the money he made working at a job.

Which skill would you prefer to have?

I would prefer to work, of course, but women do not have any internal drive to work. Yet, they are born with tools they can use to manipulate men into providing them with vast material wealth for free. Men can’t do that to other men. I don’t even think the gays can do that.