Over 7000 Congregations Have Left the United Methodist Church Over Acceptance of Faggotry

I wonder how many congregations joined because they wanted more and more anal inside of the church?



Well, it seems this is… bad policy?

Christian Post:

The number of congregations that have left the United Methodist Church amid the schism over the denomination’s stance on homosexuality has passed the 7,000 mark.

Over the weekend, the number of churches that have disaffiliated from the UMC since 2019 reached 7,286, according to UM News, with over 5,200 leaving this year alone.

This total includes 366 churches leaving the Kentucky Conference, 349 churches leaving the North Alabama Conference, 334 churches leaving the North Georgia Conference, 326 churches leaving the North Carolina Conference and 317 churches leaving the Indiana Annual Conference.

Of the 334 congregations that have disaffiliated from the North Georgia Conference since 2019, 261 were given approval to disaffiliate over the weekend at a special session held by the regional body.

This is basically all women pushing this.

There are some men in the photos, but I assume those are the gays that joined.

A lot of the”liberal” churches that still remain fly anal flags and participate in anal parades

It looks like, just maybe, letting women take over the leadership of your church wasn’t really a great idea, huh?

Didn’t Saint Paul say something about that, actually? Something about women in the church?

I seem to recall that he did in fact say something about that.

This is not Christianity